Radical group claims responsibility for vandalism of churches in Barcelona [CNA]

Barcelona, Spain, Jul 28, 2009 / 02:29 pm (CNA).- The group known as “La Gallinaire” has claimed responsibility for the vandalizing the walls of some 20 churches in Barcelona with slogans such as “The Church Stinks,” “Revolution,” and “Stop Clerical Sex Abuse.”

The radical group released a statement on Sunday claiming responsibility for the vandalism and saying their actions were part of the “continuing struggle” which began with what is known in Spain as the “Tragic Week” of 1909.

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Anti-Catholic violence is increasing in Spain. In my own parish in Madrid we were met with a grafiti wich reads “la única iglesia que ilumina es la que arde” (the only church that illuminates is the one that is burning). In the church of Magdalena there were similar grafitis which read “arderéis como en el 36” (you will burn like in 1936, in reference to the burning of churches in the republican side of Spain during the Spanish Civil War) which were accompanied with an interruption of a mass (during consacration no less) by two women yelling that same phrase. This would be bad in and of itself, but some people are now trying to bring this to practice. There was an attempt to burn a church in Majadahonda with homemade incindiary artefacts (two liter bottles filled with gasoline connected to each other).

Things are looking bad.

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