Radical Islam to be Exposed on CNN


I would suggest we all might want to watch this show on CNN tonight:



Thanks. That looks really interesting. I plan to watch. But is this going to be on CNN or on CNN Headline News?


Thanks for the heads up.l


The cartoons Muslim kids watch were incredible. Guys blowing themselves up to kill Jews. And the little kids watching the video of daddy blowing himself up, they were smiling, was simply sick. Beck was to easy on the Nevada Muslim. He should have asked him to condemn Hezbullah and Hamas. Then we would see if they guy really meant what he said. My experience is that they will condemn “terrorism”, but not the terrorist groups. But at least we got to see some of what the media edits out.


I have been waiting to watch this show all week. I saw one commercial on it where it had a little girl who I am guessing was muslim. An older woman asked if she knew about the Jews. She said “yea I know all about the Jews…They are all pigs and apes” I actually dont remember what she called them first I think she said pig but she defiently called them apes at the end. She was like 5 years old :eek: I can not believe the hate these people have towards not only Jews but western society as a whole.


Those cartoons, the propaganda the children recite, the hate rallies they attend which the child called “doing the ‘Death to America’ thing”, this is child abuse. Pure evil.


What happened to the thread on Christian girls being abducted and forcibly converted?


A 3 year old child is asked about Jews…yes, a 3 year old. The child answers they are pigs and apes. She also says the Koran tells them to kill Jews for Allah.
Parts of the documentary “Obsession” was on last night on Fox News.obsessionthemovie.com/
According to the producers of this documentary Nazi Germany and Radical Islam are very much the same. And their point works for me.
Radical Islamic clerics saying that non-Muslims are like cattle. They can be captured and sold. Or if they cannot be sold they can be killed at the will of their Islamic captors.
Small children in grade school are proclaiming they want to be martyrs and die while killing Jews and Americans.
It is also stated by Radical Muslims that they will use our “loophole” of freedom of speech against us.
They hate the west and Israel. Hate. Not “want to convert us”. They hate us. And want us dead.
They live here in this country and all over the world. And they will use our freedom to try to destroy us and re-establish the Caliphate. Or is that the Third Reich?


Before an Islamic apologist shows up and tells us it’s all a lie, everybody who posted on here ought to scroll up and see what he/she said, and realize that if you said that in an Islamic country, you and your family would be killed for saying it. When “immigration reform” comes up again in Congress, as it surely will, think about it.


If an Islamist apologist wants to refute it, he will have to deny the clips we saw of Muslim clerics saying the things I cited.
He will have to deny what Al Jazira runs as news.
I am and have been for immigration reform.
But sadly the barbarians are not at our gates…they are already within our walls.
Note: I am not speaking of those Muslims who do not subscribe to the radical agenda.
However, I do so wish they would speak up against the evils radical Islam is doing. I assume they are afraid of repercussions from those who will stop at nothing including killing their Muslim brothers and sisters who disagree with them.

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