Radicalization is not a ‘Muslim problem’

NASHVILLE, Tenn (RNS) Extremist groups like ISIS and Al Qaida are trying to radicalize young Muslims through well-produced and elaborate online videos and sweeping Twitter campaigns targeted at disaffected young men and women around the world.
In the United States, the problem is relatively small. According to law enforcement officers, only about 100 American Muslims have been radicalized by ISIS or another Islamic extremist group and traveled overseas to fight with them. That’s out of a population of about five million Muslims nationwide.

There is some research to suggest that one of the most effective strategies in combating the radicalizing of local Muslim youth is for imams and other members of local Muslim communities to reach out to disaffected youth who are often confused about what Islam really teaches — peace.


I suppose the obvious question is what is radical Islam ? Who coined it ? Is it really radical? I’ve been reading on a website about Islam and it’s growth and it has been rather informative. Even if say 1% of Muslims became radical or a fundamentalist that still 12 million Muslims. Is that really minor or an area of concern?

More biased liberal trash from RNS, but did we really expect anything different?

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