Radio and TV Alternatives

As I mentioned in another thread, I really don’t watch much TV at all. And the same goes for radio. I do need to clarify that though. I don’t watch American TV or listen to American radio.

The internet is a wonderful thing for enabling communication around the world. It has opened a world of good things to watch and listen to, both for children and adults. So I thought I might contribute my preferences for comment.

Radio – The only over the air stations I listen to are Relevant Radio and EWTN affiliates as well as the oldies station 1050 CHUM in Toronto. I feel that provides a good balance when I’m driving. I will admit that the preponderance of ‘talk’ shows on both Relevant Radio and EWTN make them a bit tedious. I was a bit taken aback that Al Cresta solicited comments on best president/ worst president on his show (via Ave Maria Radio).

The oldies station – well – that’s for fun.

My mp3 player – Now it gets interesting. On my mp3 player – which I listen to a work, you will find recordings the audio stream from BBC Radio 2 in the UK (which I record every night), Radio Luxembourg, Nostalgie (a French oldies station) – all recorded on my PC while I’m at work – and EWTN’s downloadable mp3s of Journey Home, World Over, Fr Groeschel, EWTN Live, and Mother Angelica Classics.

The reason I like BBC Radio 2 is because the music is good (no swearing and rap) , the DJs are nice to the audience, and they have a little feature called Pause for Thought, which gives me a lift during the work day.

The EWTN stuff is for listening to when I can’t get any of my over the air faves while driving.

TV - I watch a lot of news (but never CNN/ Fox/ MSNBC – who are IMHO agenda driven.) I prefer CBC (Canada) and the BBC for my TV news.

I also enjoy a number of adult series on CBC TV. By adult, I of course do not mean obscene. Funny how that word has been co-opted. I enjoyed DaVinci’s Inquest when it aired. Last season they had a series called Little Mosque on the Prairie about a small Anglican church in the prairies that offered its Church hall to a local group of Moslems to hold services. This was a great series, because the problems faced by the Moslems easily translated to those faced by the Christians. And done in a humourous way, it helps us to see each other as human beings.

I’ve also enjoyed Cracker and Prime Suspect which airs on Showcase. These are gritty and not for kids. I guess that for adults, such subject matter, if one is properly presupposed, does no harm.

Unfortunately I don’t get EWTN TV.

As I say, I refuse to watch any of the reality shows from the Idol music series through Big Brother, and all the other rubbish that gets passed off as entertainment.

So that’s what I listen to and watch.

How about the rest of you

In Christ’s Peace


We have a local feed of Relevant Radio - I listen to Archbishop Sheen, Father Corapi, some Dr. Ray, some Father Larry Richards. Brother Bob Fishman does a local show on Relevant Radio 2x a week, and he’s a joy to listen to (he’s also D.R.E. at our parish - pretty nice, eh?).
I listen online to EWTN’s archived shows of The Journey Home. I watch EWTN online as well.
We don’t have cable or satellite TV. I watch very little network TV - “Antiques Roadshow” is must-see TV for me. I watch the local news, but get my main news from internet sites (,,, and from some political blogs.
Videos are screened through,, and
Music-wise, I’m addicted to - which plays the best of the top 100 from the golden years of pop music - so many years to choose from - and it’s all uninterrupted. is another excellent site for 1,000’s of music genres.
That’s more than enough to keep me happy and informed.:smiley:

I like the Fox show So You Think You Can Dance for my dose of “reality” TV. It shows a variety of dance styles each week done by partners who are all competing to become professional dancers. You cannot really fake dancing the way you can slide through a singing competition on popularity. The costumes are sometimes a little bare for some tastes in certain dance styles, but I enjoy it a lot more than “Idol.”

I really like HGTV with the fixer upper shows, Food Network with their eating/cooking shows and TLC for What Not to Wear and The Take Home Chef. I’m not the greatest cook, so I think my fantasy would be a handsome Aussie chef picking me up in the grocery to help me make a fabulous meal.

I guess I’m too cheap to pay for satellite TV to get more specialty channels like BBC, etc. I do enjoy some of the English shows on PBS here.

Hey, we wanna keep all our goodlooking Aussie chefs right here thanks :stuck_out_tongue: Although most of them seem to spend at least some time in the UK or US sadly.

You can have the ones that aren’t so trim taut and terrific - at least you can trust that their cooking is really good!

Although if you know the show ‘Iron Chef’ (original Japanese version) those guys are really good entertainment value.

You are funny. A chubby chef might be better for teaching for me, but I find a man who can cook attractive regardless of physique. You know if Curtis Stone cooked with me I think I might just hear a buzzing sound in my ears and not learn a thing. He is just too movie star attractive and nice for me to maintain focus with a knife in my hand.

I also really like the Iron Chef both original and the US version. I just saw a promo for a new competition show to find the next American Iron Chef. I wondered if one of them is leaving the show. Bobby Flay is my favorite from the American show.

Hehe, yeah Curtis is pretty dishy :thumbsup:

I’ve seen the American version of Iron Chef … it’s good, but somehow not quite up there with the Japanese version.

I think different strokes for different folks. I know a lot of people who watch those awful cooking shows. But they think my shows are awful. So live and let live.

I watch The Unit, American Idol, and The Simpsons. That’s it, except for football (American football, not soccer) and figure skating competitions when they’re on (both sports have a very short season). Frankly, I’d rather go see the figure skating competitions (synchronized skating) in person if they’re close, which is good because synchronized skating is never shown on TV for some unfathomable reason. They’ll show poker on TV, or lumberjacking, or the eating competitions. But not synchro. 16 beautiful women in skimpy outfits doing dangerous things on slippery ice, and for some reason, the television moguls think that it won’t have any appeal to the public. :confused: Television is weird.

My husband is into Lost and Heroes, except he never has time to watch them during the season. He also likes Numbers because he is a math geek and appreciates the way the show is trying desperately to make math look “fun” for kids!. He spent much of June catching up on all his DVDs of these shows.

I will be looking at four new shows and trying to decide if I will add one more show to my list. So far the four candidates are: Cane, New Amsterdam, Moonlight, and K-Ville. (I think I have those names right, but not certain.) They all sound promising, but I’m willing to bet they will all be stupid duds.

I also don’t watch the ‘reality’ TV shows but enjoy Sci-Fi and crime dramas on TV. Eureka, Firefly, or any of the Star Trek series episodes will get me to sit in front of the tube. I also enjoy watching the History Channel and Discovery Channel when they broadcast shows about ancient Rome, China, Egypt, England, etc. Honestly I am not a big fan of EWTN, I find many of the shows are very badly produced and while I should focus on the “message” the reality is that I often find the production quality so poor that I can’t get to the message.

I also download a bunch of “Podcasts” and there are plenty of good Catholic shows, some are funny, some are faith based, some offer music.

In particular I’d recommend you look up SQPN is the Star Quest Production Network and is a Catholic new media network that produces some of the best and most popular Catholic podcasts available. I really enjoy about 1/2 of what they offer, but since they offer a wide range of styles, most people will find a few Podcasts that they enjoy. Most have either won awards and/or have been nominated for awards. SQPN offers about a dozen different audio podcasts and several video podcasts. They can be heard/viewed on either your computer or an MP3 player.

You may also want to consider a few others that are easily worth downloading, I really enjoy these 2:[LIST]
*]The Catholic Underground :
*]BustedHalo Cast :[/LIST]I’ve just started listening to, I’m not sure if I will continue with them because I’ve only heard a few episodes of each, but I like to listen to about 5 or 6 episodes before I decide if I will continue downloading them[LIST]
*]A Prairie Rome Companion
*]Calling All Catholics[/LIST]

Oh, the British Balderdash Corporation is quite agenda-driven. They’ve admitted as much.

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