RADIO: Dr. Beckwith on "Kresta in the Afternoon"

Yesterday, Dr. Francis Beckwith was on with Al Kresta, talking about his conversion to the Catholic faith, the reaction at Baylor University where he teaches, the Early Church Fathers and more.

Interview spans the 39:22 - 53:07 minute of this audio file:

Kresta 1/09/08 MP3

At the end, Al said he was going to have Dr. Beckwith on at a later date for a full hour! :smiley:

Beckwith fans enjoy! :smiley:

Thanks for this post! I didn’t get a chance to hear Al’s program featuring Dr. Beckwith. We are so blessed to have such a talented and orthodox radio personality like Al Kresta in our area. His interviews are insightful!

For those who may not know, Al is the general manager of Ave Maria Radio in Ann Arbor, MI. His program (his entire network) has been a Godsend to me.


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