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hi i think this is scruples but is listening to the radio or is talking on the phone a sin if you do it in a car i think it isn’t at least as long as you arent holding the phone and i think most people listen to radio or music or someting in their cars oh did i answer my question?

I don’t know about radio, but studies have shown that using a phone hands free is just as dangerous as holding the phone

Take this one for instance

In one simulator-based study, researchers used a driving simulator to compare the driving performance of drivers using hands-free and hand-held cell phones to drivers not using cell phones who were given alcoholic beverages until their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reached 0.08 g/dL, the threshold for a driving while intoxicated arrest in all U.S. states (Strayer, Drews, and Crouch, 2003). The study found that the reaction times of drivers using cell phones were slowed by 8.4% relative to drivers who neither had consumed alcohol nor were using phones, and that drivers using cell phones were actually more likely to have a rear-end crash than were drivers who had consumed alcohol after controlling for the difficulty and duration of the simulated driving task.** The impact of using a hands-free phone on driving performance was not found to differ from the impact of using a hand-held phone, which the researchers suggest is due to, “withdrawal of attention from the processing of information in the driving environment” while engaging in cell phone conversation.**

These are prudential matters, not intrinsically evil.

By prudential I mean that in some cases it may create of increase the danger of an accidents and other times it would not. And YOU have to judge the circumstances. Those might include the weather, experience level of the driver, the traffic, the speed limit, the road conditions, time of day/night, the familiarity with the area, and other factors.

In cases where it adds to inattentive driving or increases the risk of an accident it may or may not be a sin. It is more accurate to say it was imprudent.

I wonder sometimes how this compares to conversation with people in the car with you (although they can serve as an extra pair of eyes, too.)

I do know that when traffic is exceptionally bad or if the weather is poor, both my husband and I will ask the other to stop talking so we can concentrate on driving, and we will turn the radio down or off.

(We also teach our kids from a young age the two cardinal rules of riding in the car: we wear our seatbelts, and under no circumstances do we scream. ;))

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