Radio Host Paul Harvey Has Died

Eternal rest granted, may his soul rest in piece A true Christian, a true gentleman. What a journalist should be. Godspeed Mr Harvey!

God rest his soul…WE are all the poorer for his passing

What a great career and how much his program was loved

I grew up listening to him on the radio when I was just a little kid. I will say unhesitatingly, that he opened my eyes to the goings on of the world more than any other person except my parents. More than that, he INTERESTED me in the affairs of men even before I entered the first grade. I will admit it took me awhile to figure out what a “potpourri” is.

I simply hate it that future generations will not hear him. This country needed Paul Harvey and needs him now.

***Paul Harvey… Good day!

Eternal rest grant unto him, Oh Lord and perpetual light shine upon him.

May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

Even if at times you disagreed with him, you still always had to love him and respect him…What a wonderful person he was

As a history geek, I always thoroughly enjoyed “The Rest Of The Story.” For some reason, one example that has stayed with me for years was his telling of the story behind the man that Chicago’s O’Hare airport was named after.

Oh wow, that’s so sad…he was great. He will be missed, touched a lot of lives. May he find eternal rest with Our Father.:gopray:

Now he knows the rrrrrrrrrrrrest of the story. RIP

I wish he could come back and report it to us.

Well said. He has a front row seat.


Good-bye, Paul Harvey, and Godspeed…

Me too. I was pretty much a Paul Harvey addict. During the summer when I was in 8th grade I had my clock radio set to wake me in time to hear him at 8:30, then I listened to his full newscast at noon, and the Rest of the Story at 5:30.

In high school I didn’t get to listen to him much, but I heard him again when I came back from my first year of college. It was during the Democratic Convention, and there were lots of stories in the news about the nominee’s family, youth, ideals; the usual fluff that conventions dole out. The current pattern of negative attacks during opposing conventions hadn’t taken hold yet, or at least it was new to me. So it was surprising to hear entirely negative coverage by Harvey about the candidate - absolutely nothing positive. It was a big disappointment to find out he was such a partisan, rather than the wise and even-handed voice of an earlier age I had imagined him.

I guess in that way, too, he opened my eyes to the real world.

I agree! Our local station plays his spots a couple of times a day and I used to really enjoy listening to him. His passing is a loss for our whole country. web Design, Web Hosting, Promovare Web, Optimizare Web ,reseller web, reseller radio, web hosting, web design, hosting web, domenii web, hosting games, domenii, radio games, reseller, hosting, rezervare domeniu web, reseller games, hosting radio, promovare web, optimizare

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