Radio Interview about Catholicism, Freemasonry, and Life

I’m appearing tomorrow on the Stephen Hand Show from 11:30 to 1:30pm. We are going to be talking about various aspects of Christianity, Freemasonry, and life in general. Should be a fun conversation.

Tune in or listen to the archived show later.


In what context are you discussing Freemasonry? Because as I understand the Church’s teaching, we excommunicate ourselves from her if we join this organization.
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Yup, you are correct. I spent over a decade very active in Freemasonry at it’s highest levels, so it will be in context of a former Freemasonry who converted to Catholicism.

Had a great time talking to Stephen Hand today on this show about my years in Freemasonry, my time time in prison, my conversion to Catholicism, and a fun potpourri of other things. He is a great host with all the right questions. That 90 minutes went really fast! And towards the end of the program the woman who I am discerning marriage with called in and that threw me off, but I pulled it back together I think :slight_smile: Thanks!

Listen to the archived show at:

Thanks for posting & for the link. I’ll be listening to that later today!

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