Radio Show on in a couple hours!


Matt Slick from CARM is going to be interviewing Vin Lewis of All Roads Ministry this afternoon. “The Rabid pro Catholic”

This should be a great show. This is the same show that might have Mark Brumley soon.


If anyone can archive it, to an MP3 I would appreciate it as I probably wont be home at that time to be able to listen.

This show should be a great apologetics experience,

God Bless


Thanks… I’ll try to remember to give it a listen and get the MP3 for you. It won’t go well tho, Matt Slick is not the soul of courtesy and charity by any means.


Have you heard Vin Lewis? He is not a pushover, not in the least.

Thanks if you can make an MP3 that would be great, I am headed off to work a job and I am pretty sure I wont be able to catch the show.

God Bless


Hello…I am listening to this right at this moment…

Starting out interesting


Its over…Vin got kicked off. Vin Lost. He was awful…now Matt Slick is smearing the Catholic Church…:frowning:

I’m Mad at Vin:mad:


He did! How did that happen?

I just got back and was not able to listen.



Can you guys provide a link to the broadcast. I tried but couldn’t get in. Matt Slick is so agenda driven I’m surprised any Catholics waste their time on him. His forum is one of the worst around, and CAF (Thank God!) wouldn’t tolerate the kind of stuff they allow there from anyone, Catholic or not.

What do you want to bet that what you heard is edited and that there are things that went on that the public will not hear. I wouldn’t trust Slick as far as I can throuw his whole “ministry”.
Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum,


I just got a recording of it and listened to what happened.

Matt Slick was very dishonest, I wish I could host the file so others could listen to it. It might take a few listens to see how he evaded truth and didn’t answer the questions so that Vin would get frustrated.

Then he just cut Vin off and went on, once Vin backed him into a corner.

It was shameful, I thought that CARM had a little study into apologetics or was honest and just mistaken.

I will look to see how I can record it to MP3 and host it.

God Bless


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