Radio Spots for the Christmas Mass?

Please listen to these 30 second radio spots we are running here in Utah. The Christmas spot will come out in a few days. I was baptized Catholic 7 years ago. I was Mormon as a child. Let me know what you think of this invitation to observe our Treasure, the Christmas Mass. I want input

God Bless

This is the same silence I have received from my Parish as to the radio spots that we just ran for the Christmas Mass. Except for our two Priest and the evangelization team. How can such a small few get so excited about this and yet the whole Parish remains silent on it? I have spoken to other Christians out side of the church and they all feel that radio is a great way to invite souls to encounter Christ.

Any comments

God Bless

I tried to listen using the link you provided, but was not sucessful.

Let me comment in general though…I THINK RADIO IS GREAT!!!

I guess the only drawback I can see is that so many people have radios with bells and whistles (Sirius and XM) that they may not be tuned in to a local station any more. I live in a very rural area with one country music station that I rarely listen to…I prefer listening to tapes or CD’s of Catholic stuff. However, I did have the radio on just before Christmas and noticed that they were playing messages called “The Meaning of Christmas”…the same ones I remember hearing as a kid…about the origin of Christmas traditions. They were definitely Christian. :slight_smile:

It’s frustrating when others don’t appreciate our efforts to reach out to people, but don’t be too hard on your fellow parishioners. I think that often people DO think what is being done is great…they just don’t vocalize it.

Keep up the great work!


I just tried to listen to your radio spot and my whole browser crashed so that may be why you weren’t getting any responses on the forum.

I do think it’s a great idea though :slight_smile:

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