Radio Stations Going Silent in Venezuela, Ecuador

[]WASHINGTON, D.C. (Catholic Online) – Iran is not the only country enforcing a recent information blackout. Thirty-four radio stations in Venezuela have been forced off the air by officials of President Hugo Chavez in a move to silence those who aired viewed contrary to those of the government.

The country’s telecommunications regulators have revoked the licenses of some stations while choosing not to renew others. According to the Voice of America, The Circuito Nacional Belfort Network, CNB, 102.3 FM in Caracas, was among the first to stop broadcasting last Saturday morning. At least four other CNB stations also went off the air.

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God Bless.


**Where are Danny Glover and Sean Penn?

Why aren’t they defending the “Freedom of Speech” that made them millions of $$$$$$$ for being “actors” (reading lines written by others in front of a camera) ???**

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


While he is a fine actor,
Danny Glover politically is an extremely far-left Leftist who favors Communist regimes,
as he has made clear in his many travels to such regimes, etc.
I’m not sure how far to the Left that Sean Penn is, but I won’t go anymore to the movies of either actors. Why should I pay their ungodly high salaries by buying tickets to their films?

One thing about Hollywood is that it is full of “Limousine Communists,” people who live like kings and queens but FEIGN a deep concern for "the poor."
They make me physically sick every time they open their pie-holes
to spout their disgusting - and often treasonous - “views.” They care no more about the poor than did the Rich Man in the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus in scripture.

Just wait, the same thing will happen here soon. First it is the leftist driven boycott campaign against right leaning programs. Next it will be “the fairness doctrine” except for PBS and other left leaning media which is of course already fair. Finally, the great Obama will take the route of Chavez.

Are we starting to see the beginning of the end for our nation, as we know it? Pray, pray, pray.

i was really disappointed to learn how far to the left danny glover is. he used to be one of my favorite actors. i know he made a personal visit to venezuela a year or so ago to meet with hugo chavez on a project - not sure if it was danny’s or hugo’s.

i also refuse to watch movies starring or directed by either actor.

i had heard that chavez was going to close down some of the radio stations. he must be afraid of something. he probably doesn’t want his people to know what happened in honduras.

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