RAF Typhoon scrambled after two Russian planes stray into UK airspace today



*]Aircraft, said to be Tupolev 95s, spotted off north-east Scotland coast
*]Turned away when the RAF jet fighter took off from Leuchars airbase
*]Russia ‘uses surveillance flights to remind world of its military might’


Headline says the TU-95s came into UK airspace, but the article says they never entered UK airspace.

Happens fairly frequently anyway. It’s why we’ve got F-22s in Alaska.


They’ve been doing it for decades.


This. They were rattling NATO’s cage back when I was in the USAF in the '70s. There are some cool pictures out there, if one knows where to look.

On a side note, the Tu-95/Tu-20 Bear is one of those airframes that will probably still be flying operationally on the 100th anniversary of the prototype’s first flight, along with the B-52 and the C-130 Hercules.


During the Cold War, Russian ships used to follow the American Navy around, hiding in plain sight, barely disguised as fishing boats. We have a Russian Sub here, as part of our Maritime Museum, and my husband saw a picture of the USS Midway hanging in the dinning room, taken by the Russians, the same year he was aboard. It was creepy! :bigyikes:


The Bear bomber is possibly more accurately described as a flying museum than a bomber these days. I suppose that gives it good flight longevity with a full fuel load though.

Still, is it reasonable to characterize such activity as a provocation? It’s a snarling dog so old he has no teeth. Scary!


I dunno. The Kh-55 cruise missiles (range 1300 nm) that it carries look like pretty big teeth to me.


The ones in use today are of newer manufactur than our B-52s.


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