rage comic apologetics

i don’t know how many of you are familiar with rage comics. the following will be strange for those of you who don’t know the medium. for those of you who are, you should really enjoy this:


my husband wrote it and i am so proud of him for speaking up about an important topic! :thumbsup: … even though i do disagree with him about the old testament being obsolete.

Not bad, but I agree with you that he could have better stated Catholic belief about the OT, as he’s gonna get blasted for the way he’s got it now.

You might suggest that he start doing these on a single topic basis to allow more thorough coverage.

The genius of Rage Comics is their brevity and cogency. Don’t forget that.

Lol, great image. However, I think it would be better if it said “a man attracted to children…”, since that is what pedophiles are: attracted to pre-pubescent children. Pedophiles are not necessarily homosexuals.

Anyone have anything more like that?

true. he tried to mitigate it with the zombie t-rex at the end. dresden riding on a zombie t-rex = win!

awesome comics, rainaldo!

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