Rainbow and Six days

Is there a connection between the six days (lights) and Noah’s rainbow?


Sorry, but what, exactly, does that mean?

I was wondering if the six colors of the rainbow are related to the six days/lights of creation.

Perhaps the ideas is totally crazy.

I am sorry if it is crazy.

If I am able to make my idea clearer, I will certainly post it.



if there has been some authentic Christian interpretation of that link I never heard it, but it is an intriguing thought. The rainbow reflects the spectrum of visible light, and as God gradually revealed his light throughout the process of creation, the light of hope and promise, becomes fully visible in the rainbow when God renews his covenant with mankind through Noah. I immediately see a parallel in lighting the Easter fire and the Paschal candle at the vigil. I will be interested to see what the good people here have to say, maybe this will end up on the scripture forum

The rainbow after the flood is related to other things: The coat of many colors of Joseph son of Jacob, and the many-hued eagle in the Book of Ezekiel.

Clothing = “faith,” in the sense of “religious beliefs” or “religion.” I think that a many-hued coat is a “very rich faith.” The rainbow following God’s promise is an affirmation that He will send a wonder religion – Christianity – to mankind, rather than just destroy it again.

Joseph son of Jacob in his coat of many colors is a picture of Christ the bearer of the wonder religion.

The eagle with the thick, many-hued plumage in Ezekiel 17:3 is the Holy Spirit delivering Christ to mankind, at the time of the Annunciation; the eagle with rich plumage delivering water to the vine in Ezekiel 17:7 is the Holy Spirit inspiring Christianity.


I originally read the title of the thread a Rainbow Six and days, can I comment on that topic?

I don’t know but its been raining so much lately that I was very relieved to see a rainbow in the sky the other day.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.

Seven colours.

Seven in the visible spectrum anyway.

I was not sure how many colors, but seven would still have some possibilities.

Thanks for the correction.

Actually, seven could even be better.

Oh, it was just a quick thought of mine.

Still it is interesting to ponder.

Yes = seven is the number for perfection/completion

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