Any news on the Rainbow-Sash front today? Any sightings in your own parishes?

Not one at the mass I went to. :slight_smile:

Being Pentecost Sunday, I went to my closet and looked for something red to wear but couldn’t find anything but a sleeveless sweater top. The temperature this morning was a breezy 55 degrees. BRRRR

Without thinking much, I ended up choosing to wear my rainbow colored cardigan. I didn’t think of the ‘sashers’ until I was sitting in church waiting for Mass to begin :o

My 22 year old wedding band completed my outfit.

I was closest to looking like a rainbow than anyone. :wink:

Then again, it was a very small church and not a Cathedral. I think sashers have chosen to protest in Cathedrals.

Sweet Chuck, You should have been more precise in questioning.

Did your Eucharistic Minister, Deacon, Priest or Bishop give Holy Communion to a person sporting a rainbow sash?

I’ve been wondering all day if they showed up at the Cathedral. (I live in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.) Supposedly, they were going to show up wearing their sashes but take them off to receive Holy Communion.

None showed up at my parish this morning at the 8 AM Mass.

None where I was, but it’s a pretty orthodox parish, so I don’t think any were expected.

Im glad this isn’t a problem in my Diocese.

Apparently, according to an AP story, 100 showed up at the Cathedral in St. Paul and were denied. The story didn’t mention any “fuss.” So they probably just accepted (or refused) the blessing which the Archbishop said was what would happen.

I was at the 11:30 at the Basilica and I didn’t see any sashes.

[quote=sweetchuck]Any news on the Rainbow-Sash front today? Any sightings in your own parishes?

I did not see any in my parsih, but I did not look for them either. I had worked the night before from 9 pm to 5:30 am, so much of my energy went to focusing on the Mass itself.

I called rainbow sash alliance usa and spoke with Brian McNeill. I wanted to know how he defended his association’s actions by using the Eucharist as a political tool. He simply said that it’s not a sign a protest, but being ‘gay’ is a gift from God, and they need to celebrate this during Mass… I resisted the urge to remind him that it is God precisely who condemned homosexual actions because I’m sure M. McNeill is very much aware of what the Bible says. So, I asked how he reconciled his position on how homosexuality is a gift and Church’s teachings (Biblical passages). He just said its good that I read the Bible without addressing my quesiton. He also said that he cannot and should not repent for being ‘gay’ in order to have Holy Communion because its a divine gift. He told me to go to www.dignityusa.org and www.soulforce.org to find some arguments for his cause.

So… I basically concluded, that this movement is not a manifestation of a sincere desire to reconcile with God and participate in the ultimate gesture of Communion with Him… Its purely protest and they’re using the Eucharist to that purpose.

this all seems like pretty good news except for St. Paul, but at least they didn’t make a scene. I had been praying all week for the group’s members to be filled with an overwhelming sense of humility and that deep down they realize that the Mass is about God, not about humans’ need to protest.

An AP story from today…

**Gay Group Denied Holy Communion
May 15, 2005 2:42 pm US/Central

St. Paul (AP) A group of about 100 gay Roman Catholics and their supporters were denied Holy Communion at Pentecost Mass at the Cathedral of St. Paul today.

The Rainbow Sash Alliance has been taking Communion on Pentecost at the Cathedral for the past four years, but Archbishop Harry Flynn changed the policy this year.

He told the group last week. He says wearing the group’s rainbow sashes is seen as a protest against Catholic teaching and is unacceptable to the Vatican.

The Rainbow Sash movement is an organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Catholics and their families and friends.

*Groups that have opposed the Rainbow Alliance in the past did not attend today’s services.

*interesting. I wonder if the priests ordered them to step aside, kind of a “we’ll take care of it” kind of thing?

More, from the Illinois Family Institute (illinoisfamily.org)…

CHICAGO, May 15 /U.S. Newswire/ – Peter LaBarbera, executive director of Illinois Family Institute, released the following statement today in response to the latest protest by the homosexual group “Rainbow Sash” in Catholic churches on Pentecost Sunday (May 15):

"Illinois Family Institute encourages Catholics throughout Illinois to ignore the homosexual activist group ‘Rainbow Sash,’ which stoops to a new low by using the Sunday Mass as a platform for advancing a sinful lifestyle. We applaud Cardinal Francis George of Chicago for properly rejecting Rainbow Sash demands-- and for not welcoming them as have some Catholic leaders, including Cardinal Roger Mahoney of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

"Rainbow Sash seeks to overturn ancient Catholic teachings by celebrating homosexual unions and even ‘gay marriage.’ Catholic doctrine is clear: people struggling with homosexuality are to be treated with compassion and respect, yet homosexual acts are ‘intrinsically disordered,’ constitute ‘grave depravity,’ and "under no circumstances can they be approved.’

"Rainbow Sash is a reminder that the greatest corruption to religion in modern America comes from the Left, not the Right. Rather than humbly seeking to conform to God’s image, social leftists are determined to conform Him to theirs. While the prophets of old preached holy truths to a stubborn people, left- wing groups like Rainbow Sash and Equality Illinois lecture the Church and Christians in general for adhering–that is, being faithful, like Cardinal George–to traditional Biblical truths. They are the emissaries of a self-centered spirituality grounded in their own feelings and desires, not the loving dictates of a holy God.

"Moreover, the arrogant protests of Rainbow Sash–disrupting church services to display their homosexuality-affirming colors-- are yet another reminder of the fruits of ‘gay’ activism. Everywhere Americans turn these days, they are confronted by-- yes, obnoxious–homosexual activism. When they turn on the evening news, they see two men kissing as the commentators discuss ‘gay marriage.’ When they send their kids to school, they are shocked to learn that the lesson today was about why having two mommies is no worse than having a mom and a dad. Thanks to our city leaders, next summer in Chicago, we’ll all be subjected to the spectacle of the “Gay Games.”

And now, even in the sanctuary of church, Americans are not free from ‘gay’ agitation. Perhaps the desperate, ubiquitous demands for approval of their unnatural behavior are a sign that deep down, people practicing homosexuality know they are not living right. Now is the time for them to heed the muffled call of their Christ-informed conscience rather than the confused cry of angry ‘gay’ crusaders whose ultimate argument is with God Himself."

Peter LaBarbera

Executive Director

Illinois Family Institute

I strongly recommend this news article:

**Rainbow Sash Alliance USA invites First Amendment charges
**By William F. Folger

Here’s the latest news story about the rainbow sashers being denied communion today.


I’m thankful there are no sashers where I attend church!


nope not one in sight. :slight_smile:

THanks to those who posted the articles. Very interesting. These people are living in dreamland. Being a homosexual is a 'gift from God?" They must be kidding…themselves if not everyone else. I do not know a single homosexual who considers his SSA a gift. Instead it is something to be fought and creates incredible heartbreak.

I am glad the priests are standing firm. What’s with the sisters? HOmosexuals are not OPPRESSED. This whole line of reasoning is without any merit. I think some of these folks are still livin’ in the 60s and think this is like the march to Selma.

Lisa N

I am writing a letter to a local news station. I posted this on a thread to ask for help, but am here also for assistance. They once again are making the Church look bad and I am sick of taking it lying down. Ignoring them has not done anything so I want to speak up. Can anyone please correct any errors and make suggestions? :

Pardon me, your bias is showing—and I, for one of many, happen to be tired of the constant attacks. I realize that most if not all of your staff disagrees with the position of the Catholic Church, but please give us the dignity of portraying the truth—as you purport to do through your “journalism.”

In regards to the Rainbow Sash movement, Archbishop Harry Flynn was initially doing his best to handle what could have potentially become an explosive situation. He has seen, as have the rest of us that those who wear the Rainbow Sash first of all do not understand true Catholic teaching, and secondly, they are clearly wearing the sash as a protest. They do not refer to their position as a protest, yet somehow, in their words, a protest is what they have propagated.

They say it is not a protest, and to their credit, today at the Cathedral they did accept the blessing offered to them in lieu of receipt of the Body and Blood of Christ. However, when they returned to their pews they remained standing “in silent protest” (the suggested posture in protest, from McNeill’s letter). How, exactly, then do you show footage from McNeill stating that this is not a protest? How, exactly, is the camera shot of those wearing the rainbow-colored sashes, singing “We Shall Overcome” NOT a protest?

Do you really think your viewers, many of whom follow the teachings of the Church, are ignorant enough not to read between the lines and show the truth of the matter that you so attempt to gloss over?

I would also like to call your attention to the fact that first of all, people with homosexual orientation are fully welcome as members of the Church, as they are children of God. The Church does not condemn people, but speaks about moral or immoral behavior.

As a single women, I also am banned from Communion if I engage in relations outside of marriage. One could argue that I have the option to get married, but then again, who’s to say that I ever will? Speaking in terms of theology, their sin would be the same as my sin and we bear the same cross—to remain chaste and celibate.

It is not the Church who has made this an issue…it is those who wear the Rainbow Sash, who have deliberately and with much ado tried to make the center of our faith a political stand.

True Catholics believe that when we go to receive Communion, we are receiving the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. Now I ask…why would any true believer actually do their best to make a political stand at this very point, in the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, other than for their own adjenda? They call themselves Catholic yet they seek out the very foundation of our faith in an attempt to find a podium for themselves. How is that not a protest?

As you quoted the letter in your newscast, I know you had the context of the entire letters of both McNeill and the Archbishop’s response. It fascinates me that you took it so out of context to demonstrate your own willful ignorance of the truth of the matter. Please keep in mind that observant and faithful Catholics also watch your newscast and we have very powerful voices. You are representing what you think people want to hear, but in the process, you are deeply insulting those who can make or break your budget.

I respectfully request that in the future you act to understand and accurately portray the true teachings of the Church rather than just puiblicizing the popular viewpoint

Oh! Sorry, I didn’t answer the original question.

I was not at the Cathedral today, but my friend told me that the sashayers were asked prior to communion to either lay the sash aside or come up for a blessing instead of Communkon. So they went forward, recieved a blessing and returned to their pews to stand as directed by McNeill prior to the Mass.

The news showed them singing “We Shall Overcome” prior to the mass and standing together for a photo. One woman stated, “I think anyone who wants to should go to communion.”

She had her baby son DRAPED in the rainbow sash! :eek:

How is this NOT a protest? How exactly does a group take the very foundation of our faith, a faith they claim to share, and make it a political stanpiont, but refine their protest as “celebration”?

Pentecost is the birth of the Church. Obviously they are not celebrating in communion with the Church, but thieir own adjenda.

This really makes me angry. Praise God there was no major outburst, but this needs to be squashed. I know God will do so but I think He is asking for us to stand and speak.

No protest in my church, but I am in the suburbs. I think they all went to cathedrals.

[quote=seeking_truth]I strongly recommend this news article:

Rainbow Sash Alliance USA invites First Amendment charges
****By William F. Folger

Thanks, this was very good.

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