Raindrop Therapy

Long story short. My fiance has had 4 back surgeries since 1999. His last one was exactly a year ago. It hasn’t helped him at all. He has been in agonizing pain, day in and day out for a whole year. He is unable to go anywhere, unable to work, go to mass, sleep, exercise etc.

This co worker of mine is really into essential oils and I think they are really cool too. I bought a few and I have enjoyed diffusing them, drinking them in my water and putting them on my skin. She has been suggesting for sometime that my fiance should have “raindrop therapy”. This is a procedure where 12 different oils are layered onto the body and several people claim that is has completely healed them from chronic pain.

This is the part that bothered me. When reading about it there were certain words that made me uncomfortable like “chakra” and “aura”. She claims that this isn’t a new age thing and has nothing to do with the spiritual realm but that it is biblical based and is based off of Jewish traditions. To me is sounds a bit like Kabballah or Gnosticism. She explained to me that the Hebrew letters each had a corresponding number, color and body organ and that the “chakras” are just being cleared so that the oils can get in and heal the body and that supposedly there is scientific and biblical evidence to back this up.

Does anyone know anything about this and whether or not it is bad news and something that should be avoided? It sounds a little too hoodoo-voodoo to me but supposedly people are being healed by it so I’m just curious.

It sounds like new age quackery to me. I’m not completely opposed to alternative approaches to healing but this just sound too good to be true. It’s expecting a lot from oils to heal serious injuries. At the most it might smell nice and the touch may be soothing and therefore increase a sense of well-being, but that’s all I would expect.

I would avoid that.

pouring oils on your skin isn’t going to heal back pain.

Medicine used to talk about “humors” and so forth. Was that anti-Catholic? I know eastern beliefs include chakras and auras. But you don’t have to believe that. As for auras- all organisms emit an electro-magnetic field around them. You can consider that the aura. No additional non-Catholic beliefs required!

Acupuncture has proven a very effective therapy for some, just as massages have. Yet, for a log time acupuncture was not considered an effective therapy. Most massage therapists study the beliefs in the chakras and auras. Would that make massages or acupuncture a no-no, because you’re Catholic? I don’t think so. Also, how could a little agitation help your muscles? And yet, it does. It is very helpful!

The practitioners can believe what they will. You don’t have to. Unless the practitioner is summoning Satan or evil spirits, then by all means- don’t go, but I would urge you not to limit your options because the practitioners have some other beliefs.

As for it being too good to be true- What do you have to lose? If the practice, cost and practitioner checks out (look him/her up) give it a try. Research this practice. Research and learn. The world is at your fingertips.

I have personally tried acupuncture, and yes, they believe in the chakras, but that doesn’t go against any of my beliefs, and the practitioner was wearing a crucifix to boot. It was a good experience. No evil spirits were summoned. I wasn’t infected with gnosticism.

There is a lot of confusion out there about new age practices. Such practices are esoteric sounding and captivate people.

Our first goal is to “seek first the Kingdom of God.”

I highly recommend the book “Ransomed from Darkness” by Moira Noonan. She got hooked into Reiki, after receiving a “healing” from pain.(after that “healing” she began to have nightmares). She then became a Reiki practicioner and was drawn deeper into new age deceptions. After many years she got out of that trap with the help of a priest and the intercession of our Blessed Mother.

Here is a link to Moira’s site:


Quack science; new age fluff.

Please do not be decieved by this stuff.

You are Roman Catholic, the Church teaches prayer. Now if want the healing oils, and I do agree if it is the will of God go for it. At the Catholic Church. The Priest has the healing of the sick certain times at mass.

He anoints you with the healing oil.

I have never heard of raindrops therapy. I do know that some oils have anti-inflammatory properties and can aid in pain relief.
Find out whichoils are in this concoction and do research on each kne

An aura is a halo and a chakra is a wheel, and these are not physical things but what are called subtle. They are not recognized by science, and therefore are beliefs. If someone believes in them, there may be psychosomatic effects in dealing with them. Psychosomatic effects are often attributed to stress so stress reductions are helpful and many techniques are helpful to reduce stress, including meditation and therapies employing auras and chakras.

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are the relievers of stress.

Jesus, our Saviour, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, is the source of all good things for us.

We don’t need to focus on the beliefs of other cultures, as they can take our focus off of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I’m a Certified Massage Therapist and I do NOT practice anything like Reiki or have anything to do with Chakras and Auras. I learned that Raindrop therapy (controversial at best) is basically putting full strength undiluted essential oils down the spinal column and letting them absorb and do their work. Essential oils certainly do have healing properties (look up the benefits of lavender for example) but they are also scientifically explained. However putting them undiluted on the skin isn’t a good idea b/c they are so strong. The only oils I ever use undiluted are lavender and peppermint.

I actually went to a Raindrop class this weekend and I too have a hard time dealing w/ the discussion on ‘energies.’ But the gals giving the class stated doing things in threes: three drops in the palm, rub the oil in your hand clockwise three times: in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit. I don’t believe they’re invoking any evil spirits and I believe they’re all good Chrisitan women, but I just can’t get into that part of it.

I agree with Secret Catholic. If the person performing the massage isn’t doing anything questionable and that’s not your intention either, I’d say it’s safe to at least give it a try.

Angel Gabriel, yes, there are some oils that are called ‘hot’ oils that will create a burning sensation, but some people have a higher tolerance for it than others and to my knowledge, no ACTUAL burn has taken place. The skin may turn red and tingle, but then again, one gal who got it turned red and another didn’t. I prefer my oils undiluted, but I have a higher tolerance. The only thing I’ve struggled with is peppermint. It’s recommended to rub on your temples for headaches, but I find just the aroma irritates my eyes too much. Even taking it internally makes my eyes tingle!

Do what you can tolerate, if it’s too strong, dilute it. I say, just leave all the quackery talk out of it and rub my back!

I use essential oils for migraine, to help with my son’s asthma, for digestion, many different things. I use a brand called doTerra which is very pure and clean, which you can safely take internally. They have nice blends that are suited to back pain and muscle aches. It will work without any sort of nonsense about chakra and auras. All I do is rub the past tense oil on my forehead- it’s a blend of peppermint, wintergreen, and some others that can soak in and cool my forehead to lessen the headache pain. Breathe is a blend that has eucalyptus among other things, it’s nice rubbed on the chest, not too different from Vicks vapor rub but lighter and more natural- no new age routine needed :slight_smile: there are some oils that are very concentrated and can burn your skin. Oregano is surprisingly strong. I hope he gets some relief.

yes peppermint can “sting” the eyes but I have found it quite useful for tension headaches. Lavender is my favorite though :slight_smile: I agree that any oil can be used on the skin without a carrier oil but only one at a time…Raindrop utilizes several at once.

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