Raised in a catholic school how were you taught to identity answered prayer success?


I was taught to hear from the holy spirit buy joining prayer groups and keeping a journal on what we prayed for people and the results of that answered prayer.

This allowed us to determine the difference between our thoughts when we prayed for someone

and the holy spirit thoughts when we received these.

Like a child we were learning how the holy spirit spoke to us.

What method were you taught ?
to understand when God the holy spirit gave an answer to prayer and hearing from God?


I was never taught in school about prayer journaling and tracking to see how the prayers were answered.

I learned about that on my own from fellow believers outside of school days and hours.

We were taught to do intercessory prayer, and every so often the subject of miracles came up.

I do keep a running prayer journal in a locked file on my tablet.
And yes, I do see prayers directly answered in the way I requested, and sometimes I see the working of the Holy Spirit in the form of a new twist to the person’s story or an improvement in another area of the person’s life that then has a ripple effect over themselves and other people…


We weren’t taught any method, just taught that all prayers were answered, but sometimes the answer was no.


Same as Calliope

I don’t do prayer journals, it’s stressful for me. If a prayer is so super-important I need an answer from God then I can usually just keep track in my head.


I was never taught about prayer journaling or keeping track in Catholic school. Honestly, I don’t really see why it’s necessary to keep track per se.

Lately, I am keeping a prayer journal of sorts, but it is more focused on insights I gained from prayerful meditation on scriptures.


I haven’t learned anything useful about prayer from my Catholic eduacation.


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