Raking Leaves on Sunday

You can’t understand God with your mind ONLY and the bible is not a math proof. It is a record of God’s people that stretches on thousands of years. Differences in literary styles change wildly over that time period too.

Take a day out and go enjoy creation. Feel the love for your creator and maybe you might decide that you would like to set aside one day every seven to come back to that place of peace.

The Sabbath was created for you so that you can share in God’s love for his creation.

Don’t worry too much about an ancient story of what God did thousands of years ago for reasons you may not be able to comprehend right now. It has little or no effect on your ability to share in God’s love for creation today.


Suggestion for future occurrences: Load your iPhone/mp3 player/whatever with some good worship music that you enjoy, or with some good teaching files from EWTN. Then if there’s something that needs doing on a Sunday, put your ear buds in and go have church while you’re doing what must be done. That’s what I do when I’m mowing, whatever the day is. It makes the task a lot more pleasant and focuses my mind on God.

Thank you for the wonderful suggestion Dave! I do this often when I’m doing the dishes, and I didn’t think to do it with raking too! God bless, and Happy Thanksgiving! :thumbsup:

You’re very welcome :wink:

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