Ramadan trophy


Last year in October 3 Indonesian Christian teenagers were kidnapped and beheaded. Now some of the men who were caught reveal why they did it. They decided that “beheading Christians qualified as an act of Muslim charity.” The girls heads would be “Ramadan trophies.” What a way to celebrate Ramadan. Pray for our persecuted brethren. From www.littlegreenfootballs.com


Just what I was saying in the thread about the Muslim US Congressman:mad:
A religion of violence and insanity.
Nothing more nor less.


Its no use, its the time of the dark ages again, when mankind is responsible for accumulating sin so as to facilitate his own annihilation and condemnation.

If people knew what was coming, they wouldn’t be celebrating and ignoring the signs.


What does Indonesian militants on trial for murder have to do with the US Congressman?


What if three German’s beheaded some Jewish teenagers, would you be so accepting and casual towards them? I notice you chime in whenever anyone espouses any sort of anger of Christians being attacked in Muslim lands and condemn the posters here. But if the shoe were on the other foot I doubt you would be reacting in the same manner.


Because the Muslim “Ummah” is programmed to think and act the same! :stuck_out_tongue:



It’s insane and diabolical! How can anyone believe that Islam is the “religion of peace” when they keep proving every day that’s it’s nothing more than a satanic cult! :mad:



I’ve placed in bold the answer to your question.


That’s very interesting. But has nothing to do with anything. If three German’s beheaded a Jew, I would not be accusing any COngressperson of German ansectory as somehow being responsible. Because to do so would be insane.


The criticisms of CAIR seem valid.


If it were 1938 you may feel different. Christians see this and get upset and vent, maybe it better you don’t stir the pot every time a topic like this comes up, and try to demonize Catholics. people have to decry injustice, if it’s misdirected, well so be it, this is raw, I don’t see what good it does to antagonize the situation all the time.


I’m not demonizing anyone. I don’t think it is better to sit back and remain silent when a person is attacked for their religious beliefs, or even worse, for the religious believes of someone else. And misidrected justice is another way of saying injustice.


Maybe we should all remember that the horrors of Nazi killing started with the Nazis accusing the Jews of being “Nazis” themselves.

Let’s review some of the standard Nazi claims about Jews:

  1. Jews are secretly trying to undo German society (Exact same claim has been made repeatedly here about Muslims and the West)

  2. Jews have secret forces at their disposal to do violence (Exact same claim is made here against Muslims)

  3. Jews’ religion commands them to hate us and try to destroy us however they can (Exact same claim made here against Muslims)

  4. All Jews are part of any bad doings any Jews engage in anywhere (Exact same claim made here against Muslims)

Looks to me like the real 1938 comparison here isn’t between Muslims and Hitler…it’s between the comments people are posting on this board about Islam and the comments Hitler used to make about Jews. Now that’s a rock solid comparison.


I think that explains more than anything else why I seem to be defending Islam here.


pro, the difference is that:

Muslims ARE trying to subvert and destroy the West and admit.

Muslims DO use violence to achieve this goal.

Muslims ARE commanded to do so in the quran and hadith.

Muslims DO support this by their refusal to decisively protest or act against Islamic terrorism.


And as usual you ignore the OP, after all it was Christians that were murdered, so it does not matter!



The resident Muslim apologist does not care. Of course he knows that Muslim terrorists have vowed to destroy America. No Jews did that in the 1930s to Germany. Of course he knows that Muslim terrorists use violence, unless his memory is too short to remember 9-11-01. The Jews never launched such an attack against Germany, nor did they walk into crowded markets and blow up bombs. And of course he knows that the Quran permits warfare to spread Islam and that Muhammed engaged in such acts himself. And of course the near silence of 1 billion people is strange; yet he has done almost nothing to show this silence is not agreement.


There was no evidence to back up claims that the Nazis made about Jews. There are thousands of dead people in NYC, in Israel, in Iraq, and elsewhere, that can testify that Muslims, at least some, seek our destruction. I am aware of no video or recorded statements made by Jews promising to destroy Germany, however, there are plenty of such materials from Muslim terror leaders.


I have absolutely nothing against Muslims. The fact that not all of them are doing this doesn’t mean that we should sit on our hands while they torture innocent children.

That would be like saying we shouldn’t have been angry at Nazi Germany because fascism was their way of doing things.


No Valke 2, I doubt it. You always defend Islam and then try to pull it off as some self rightous thing you do to insure fairness here.

Fairness huh? Is there a Jewish forum where I can participate in like you do to defend fairness?:confused:

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