Ramadan TV show stirs argument across Arab world

Since Ramadan is over, I am wondering if anyone here saw this series?

Or if not, what do you, as a Muslim, think about the controversy?

A television drama about the life of a seventh century Muslim ruler, Omar Ibn al-Khattab, is polarising opinion across the Arab world by challenging a widespread belief that actors should not depict Islam’s central figures.

Conservative clerics denounce the series, which is running during the region’s busiest drama season, the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. Scholars see an undesirable trend in television programming; the foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates has publicly refused to watch it.

But at dinner tables and on social media around the region, “Omar” is winning praise among many Muslim viewers, who admire it for tackling an important period in Islam’s history. Some think it carries lessons for the Arab world, which is grappling with political change unleashed by last year’s uprisings.


A Lebanese columnist is quoted as saying that such a series would have been unthinkable 20 years ago. Depicting revered figures of Islam as flawed human beings would have been condemned as blasphemous.

Already thinking of revered figures of Islam as flawed human beings like say David and Solomon is already considered blasphemous are they not? Let alone depicting.

Maybe this the way Truth will become like a lighted candle.:smiley:


The 4 Guided Caliphs of Islam

Whether they (the muslims) realised it or not, those 4 people have been somesort like a Saint for them.

It’s prohibited in Islam to show the main Islamic religious figures, here is the official Fatwa number 13 dated 16-4-1393H enforced by the Main Islamic Clerics Committee of Saudi Arabia together with Muslim World League to prohibit making any film about Muhammed or his caliphs.

Saudi Arabia and just a few Islamic countries are implementing Islam 100%…

In the '70’s there was a movie released in the US “Muhammed, Messinger of God” that was done quite well. It never showed Muhammed’s face nor was his voice heard. It was well received in the Bay Area and played at a Century theater. I’d like to find it on DVD.

Its not depicting them as flawed, because Muslems beleave all humans are fallen, it is the fear that such acts will lead to idolatry. In the Hagia Sophia in Istambul the Christian icons remain but with their faces removed, and Mohammads face is NEVER shown, all to prevent idolatry.

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