Ramblings of the Imagination


Let us say you could coat the inside of a globe with a mirror like substance that reflects light. Let us say that said globe is large enough for a human being to stand comfortably inside and we could introduce light while allowing the mirror inside to remain seamless.

What would the human see?
Would said sphere produce energy?


Depends on how bright the light was. If it was bright enough he/she would probably see a mass of reflections obviously, until they went blind.

I can’t see how it would generate power, you can’t get out of a passive thing like that more energy than you put in, as far as I know.


If the human is in the sphere, they absorb the photons so once the light is out, it gets dark.

As for energy, even the mirrors would slowly take in energy over time.

(I’ve learned no question is unasked on the internet.)


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