This is just a mundane thread about the Rambo movies :slight_smile: Does anyone here like them? First Blood is by far the best, I especially love the soundtrack too. And while awefully bloody, I enjoyed the fourth Rambo movie as well.

nobody like rambo :crying:

I liked the movie that was set in Afghanistan. What a hoot. I think the writers and director finally decided not to take the story seriously.

My wife, who had never seen a “Rambo” movie thought it was made by the same guy who made “Airplane”:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

The first Rambo film was by far the best of the three. I didn’t see four, I was also upset seeing a trailer of the man killing people whilst the voice over was reading the prayer of St Francis. Very tacky.

I wish Rambo was real. :frowning: Rambo could locate bin Laden.

that was just in the preview, not in the movie. 4 was really bloody, but also realistic, and good.

I saw First blood and Rambo.

First Blood was cool, Rambo was a bloodbath!!

…sorry…I am a movie guy. (I am an aspiring script-writer) and I must say that I enjoyed “Rambo”…

:frowning: I’m a horrible person…

Ok, maybe not. But my sister and I have a nice credo when it comes to movies and content. Action, violence = Fine, sex etc = NOT FINE!
She’ll be my writing partner, lol
she’s got good taste in films

The last one sucked, Rambo hardly did anything, he mainly just sneaked up behind people to kill them or shoot from a distance.

In Rambo 3, he is driving a Russian tank, and then all of a sudden, he moves up a few inches to the gunner’s controls and starts firing. I have had the opportunity to get in a few Russian made tanks, as well as driving US made tanks, and I can tell you that this is physically impossible! The driver’s compartment is separated from the turret and is extremely cramped. Plus in one scene he fires an RPG from inside the cockpit of a helicopter! The back blast would have taken out the entire rear of that chopper! Very unrealistic!

Maybe the problem was that he was 60 when he made the film, so he couldn’t really run around anymore, so he could only perform stationary forms of killing the enemy.

Plus he had a lot more muscle in number 4 versus First Blood.

i havent seen the latest rambo movie. that being said i liked them all. first blood is the best. for the 4th of july my wifes family spends the week on the coast.

while there a chick flick and first blood were on. it was a tie vote what to watch, split male to female. oddly enough cousins and siblings balanced out the marrieds and singles to make it an even split of adults. the tie was broke by 4 kids 2-4 years old who picked first blood. largely for the fast movemnt i think.

Rambo totally rules!!! I remember reading somewhere about the last movie where Stallone couldn’t decide between 2 stories. One was the story that was used for this last film. The other one had Rambo chasing down child sex predators! How awesome would that have been!

Which made better sense and was realistic. He’s over 60! lol.

Did nothing? He’s the reason they one that battle with the 50 calibur :smiley:

The other idea was to take place in Mexico, but seemed to boring to Stallone. Burma was a much better idea I thought, especially since stuff as that is actually taking place there. Read up on the Rambo movie and you’ll see. If you’re caught with a “Rambo” movie in Burma, you’re either imprisoned or executed.

Oh ya, Rambo 3, while a fun movies, especially the parts in the cave, is so unrealistic, especially the last scene. 1,2 and 4 are much better.

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