Ramifications for Sin

I hope this will be last post on contemplating sin. How come fornication seems to hurt the man less than the woman? I understand the stress of chastity on women. It seems to generally accept men have difficultly controlling themselves. I have seen the “ugliness” of fornication. It seems in general man can walk away with much emotional issues. Women seen to disposable to some men. A lot things seems to favor men in this world. Men walk out of their families. Men trade their old wives for a newer model. I wonder about others sins. Like being rude and disrespectful. A person can be harsh, rude, and cruel to someone. Nothing happens to them. The victim is hurt and if they do not forgive, they are hurt even more. Theft does not hurt the thief.
While I do believe if we sincerely repent, all sins can be forgiven. It is not easy to forget some of the cruelty or meanness you have endure. How do you love your neighbor as yourself and forgive? The idea of it seems icky and like the perpetrator has ultimately won again. Holding on to anger or becoming offended or upset, does not help you, yet insults hurt and so does being ditched.
I have dealt with different forms of mental and verbal abuse. It annoys me that they can just walk away free of guilt. The only person left to deal with her actions is me. You cannot control or change people.


No sin goes unpunished.

Every sin carries it’s own guilt and shame.
And earthly punishment.
And hardens.the heart of the sinner.

Each.mortal sin not confessed has an eternal.punishment in hell. The Bible says: “Fornicators will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven, they will be thrown into.the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

If people who fornicate and hurt confess, they still have to work off the punishment owed on earth or in Purgatory.

God.is merciful.
But they have to.choose His.Mercy.

But before all that, anyone who sins is a slave to sin, and every single.sin causes emotional,.physical, mental, psychological scars on both the perpetrator and the victim, that is.healed in confession.

This is all based on faith.

Did you expect something else in a Catholic forum?

I mean there is no scientific or objective way to measure sure. I think all sin is a lack of faith in God. If we all had faith, we would not worry and we would be patient.

Use common sense,
Even psychologists and counsellors say; that hurting others leads to emotional, psychological, social, and mental scarring of the perpetrator.
No sin goes unpunished.
But if we repent and pray/do good deeds after confession, God is merciful

Doing a wrong and not repenting, hardens the heart of the wrong doer

God showed St John Bosco that those who sin against purity can never enter the highest part of Heaven.
And can never receive the best grace and help on earth.
They can only receive and aim for 2nd best,

Sin has consequences

But the perpetrators are hurt themselves-already-victimized by this world even if they don’t know it. They’ve just become players in the game of pride, of asserting themselves above everyone else. And to the extent that we respond in kind, we’re players in the same game, our own love falters, evil wins the day and spreads even wider.

I think this is really sad. Can we ever reverse the result of sin?

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