Is it ok to listen to Rammstein? I really love their music, it’s German & I can just let it wash over me & give me a sense of mystery…It stops me being depressed and makes me feel like there’s some meaning in life. ((My life seems pretty pointless right now.) I know some of it has bad lyrics but when it’s in German I dnt understand half of it, & it can mean whatever I want. (And some also have nice lyrics, like Spieluhr.) It often helps me think & sometimes it even helps me think about God. But if it’s a sin; if he doesn’t want me to listen to it; I will stop.I really hope it’s not, though…Is it ok?


Music that lifts me closer to God is just what I need when I’ve felt depressed.

When I am suffering, this song helps me. youtube.com/watch?v=kgZbP8nddhU

Are you involved with your youth group? Reach out to your youth minister.

Have you ever listened to Gregorian Chant? Talk about washing over you - wow!

I do not know the band you are listening to, so, just find music that lifts you.


If you’re worried about it, you might want to stop listening to it. Sounds like you’re pretty sad - no one should ever feel like their life is pointless! There’s something God created you to do, something that only YOU can do.
Sorry this doesn’t say much about Rammstein, but by your post and your username, you sound more sad than sinning. :hug1: .


Music can be like drugs. You don’t think they are having a bad effect until it is too late. Rammstein is favored by skinheads, technokids, and others who have less than spiritually healthy lives. This music is heavy and dark. It is most likely making your depression worse, not better. I would suggest finding something more uplifting. While not a sin, it is definitely not going to have a positive effect on you.
What things do you think about God when you listen to this group? Doubt? anger? Does it make you feel connected to God?


If you want something to make you feel better, I second suggestions of Gregorian Chant, and add “blues” as a genre that always makes me feel better. I know whenever I felt down, B.B. King always knows exactly what to say (or play).


i have listened to a lot of dark and heavy music in my life. i still listen to some heavy music although not as much as i used to. rammstein is bad news. definitely not good.

the best band in the heavy music scene in my opinion is thrice. they are a lot different than rammstein to be sure…but they are very good at what they do.


I know what you mean about it helping you think about God, when I listen to music in foreign languages,I think about how amazing he is to create all this different languages, and this leads me to think about how amazing it is to simply exist. And I am familiar with Rammstein, they do have interesting tunes.

No, I don’t think it’s a sin, especially if it helps you think about God in this way.


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