Ran into a bit of an issue in a video game

I’m playing Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, and I’ve really been enjoying it, having not played (or watched) the game for several years. However, while I was playing earlier today, I realized something: the game is riddled with pentagrams! The Excess Express has one on it’s front and performing many of the moves involves pentagrams. I doubt this was intentional, but I’m a bit conflicted now. Is it okay to continue playing the game so long as I ignore these things? I assume it is, I just want to make sure as by the time I’ll have the opportunity to ask a priest, I’ll have finished the game.

I was intrigued because Mario never seemed to be an asset that was into hardcore paganism.

I found this screenshot. Is this what you’re talking about?

It seems the game makes use of a five-pointed star symbol and just happens to adorn that symbol with a circle for graphical clarity. It does really seem accidental to me. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

The pentagram is an ancient Christian symbol, too.

I am sure that it is just coincidence that they look like pentagrams. I played this game and I didn’t notice it. It is completely fine to continue playing.

The pentagram, much like the inverted cross, is a christian symbol. The five points were used to represent the five wounds of Christ.

The U.S. flag has 50 pentagrams on it. And I’ve seen lots of depictions of Mary with a crown of pentagrams above her head.

Not true. A pentagram is not a pentagram unless it has a circle around the outside of the star, and typically a distinction is made between pentacles with one point straight up vs. pentagrams with one point straight down.

Yes, I thought this as well. I don’t think that a point straight up is the same as a point straight down since some junkies at my school painted a pentagram with a point straight up and wrote “oops” next to it.

I stand corrected. Be that as it may, pentagrams, etc are essentially meaningless

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