Ran out of Body and Blood before everyone could receive

I witnessed something for the first time today and I hope it never happens again. In the middle of the Eucharistic Procession all of the Eucharistic Ministers ran out of both species of Jesus. I have seen a time when the body ran out and the remaining participants received the wine, and I understand that is a perfectly valid reception. In this case, Father asked everyone to return to their seats and after the choir was done with their song reminded everyone that even if you didn’t get a host that you still received spiritually. I felt horrible that I was able to receive but others were not. So here are the questions I pose after this situation.

  1. Should these people have gone to another liturgy?
  2. Should I feel guilt?
  3. Has anyone else seen this happen?
  1. No unless they wanted to
  2. No
  3. No but if it happened due to a huge attendance at Mass I would be happy… Then I would see if there was another Mass taking place if I was not able to receive communion. If there wasnt I would be satisfied with the spiritual communion since it was Gods Will.

They are free to, but there is no need. In the past people received Communion much less frequently than today; there is certainly no requirement to receive at every Mass.

  1. Should I feel guilt?

If you can remotely articulate anything you should feel personal guilt over in this circumstance, I’d be very surprised.

  1. Has anyone else seen this happen?

Not in person, but I’ve heard about it. Frankly there’s some good that can come of it – a little bit of catechesis about how the Eucharist is not a “power pill” that you need to get or else you’ve “wasted your time.”

It happens. Not too long in our distant past, over 100 years ago, people went to mass and did not receive every Sunday. In fact, St. Therese of Lisieux spoke about not receiving for a very long time. I’m also told that confession was not nearly as available then as it is today, in spite of all the comments you hear about no one going t confession. I got that from a Friar a few Sundays ago.

We are required to fulfill our Sunday obligation but we are only required to receive Holy Communion at least once a year during Easter period, so what happened, although disappointing to those who did not receive, was not a disaster.

It happened at our parish last year. I forget the occasion but there were many, many more people than what we usually have and since people in this parish tend to arrive late there was no way for the sacristian to know to add more hosts. Even with the reserved hosts and breaking off hosts into quarters, we still ran out. Father apologized saying this was an unusual occurance and they those who did not receive still received the grace of a spiritual communion.

I was just going to say … I remember when I belonged to a very small parish Father would often break hosts in halves or quarters so everyone would have some, and so that few would be left over.

Most (all ?) of the churches I’ve been to, including the Maronite one I now attend, will take Hosts out of the tabernacle and add them to the ones consecrated at the current Mass. Barring that, one could also divide the Hosts, as noted above, in the future since our Lord is fully present in even a speck of the Host.

no it is not required to receive communion at every Mass so no these people don’t need to go to another Mass
why would you feel guilt? were you the sacristan in charge of preparing the proper number of hosts?
has anyone seen it before, yes at a recent retreat where so many people failed to pre-register and were allowed by organizers to attend anyhow, and those who had to bring necessities for liturgy from the parish to the retreat site were caught short by the thoughtlessness of others.

1. Should these people have gone to another liturgy?
It is in no way required.

2. Should I feel guilt?
Absolutely not.

3. Has anyone else seen this happen?
Yes, but only once.

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