Rand Paul drops out of White House race


Rand Paul on Wednesday dropped out of the race for president, saying he will now focus on his reelection to the U.S. Senate.

"It’s been an incredible honor to run a principled campaign for the White House. Today, I will end where I began, ready and willing to fight for the cause of Liberty,” Paul said in a statement.



I had planned to vote for him, but he had run a disappointing campaign, and had made ridiculous statements about Donald Trump recently, such as Trump is alienating Hispanics and Blacks, Trump will turn the Republican Party into the Lilly White party, and one of the planks of his campaign was Stand with Israel. Pretty sure I’ll vote for Trump now, or possibly even Cruz, but the rest of the field looks pretty bad.


Makes sense if he wants to keep his Senate seat.


Rand was never his father.

I don’t think his problem was issue oriented. He just doesn’t have that folksy way of relating to people that made his father so endearing. He is more of a drone and wonk, that can talk constitutional theory all day long, but you miss most of it because you fell asleep. And his interruptions during the early debates were plain obnoxious.

Dad needs to teach him how to campaign…


I don’t think the country is ready for a libertarian as president at this point in time.


I hope he does. The Democrats in KY have no real interest in helping out the coal miners and will stab them in the back should they get to DC.


It’s a real shame. He was one of the few reasonable Republicans. I would’ve voted for him if I had the chance.


Too bad he taught him how to quit presidential campaigns. I was going to vote for his dad last election when he up and quit before our primary. So I had no one to vote for in the primary. I did not vote for the candidate that won. In fact I didn’t vote at all and have not voted since.


I’m confused. I thought Ron Paul stayed in it until the convention.


He’s a good man with good moral values and I wish him the best, maybe even religious sometimes. He will be missed and perhaps he could try again in the future.


I suppose he made the right decision. he sees who the key players are after Iowa. he is being realistic.


Agreed. I agree with him more than any other candidate, but he has no charisma.


Rick Santorum is dropping out also: yahoo.com/politics/rick-santorum-drops-out-of-presidential-race-192243397.html


I figured it was coming, but I thought he’d stick it out through South Carolina. It looks like he hasn’t made the formal announcement yet, but it is rumored to happen this evening.

Now that candidates are dropping out and there are fewer non-Trump candidates to choose from, I predict that Trump will lose a lot of his momentum.


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