Rand Paul: I won't do an undercard debate


Rand Paul will not accept being relegated to an undercard debate and is willing to protest, the Republican presidential candidate said Wednesday.

“I won’t participate in any kind of second-tier debate,” Paul declared in a radio interview with Fox News host Brian Kilmeade.

Read more: politico.com/story/2015/12/rand-paul-refuse-undercard-debate-217108#ixzz3vC8KSivh


Chris Christie didn’t complain like this when he had to go on the undercard debate.


I think it’s a good move by Paul. He needs to do something to get attention.


I think it would be a good move for the party if he refused to debate. He’s whiney and irritating, and thinning out the ranks would be a good thing.


I’m really sorry that it appears he won’t be on the main stage. He has been my #1. I think by far he expressed the voice of reason over most of the other candidates.

The last poll I saw had him at 4% and Jeb Bush at 3%, so he did gain a little ground. However, I don’t really see any of the undercard people or anyone under the top 4 making any significant headway at this point. What might be to gain is to push an agenda or a establishing a bid for a potential cabinet position.


I seriously doubt any other Republican candidate knows the Constitution better or believes in it more.


The goalposts must move but I thought to get on the undercard, one had to have less than 1% and Paul will surely, never have to deal with that since Paul fans, more because of the father, are pretty steadfast; but if they were to change the percentages, then he may not get in the major event.


From what I read it is not a matter of achieving a certain percentage for this debate, I think they have indicated there will be no more than 6 participants. The only chance Paul has is if between now and the debate he surpasses Christie to bump him for the last spot.


From what I can tell, Paul has a dedicated but very narrow constituency.


Ted Cruz perhaps


It is not a big deal to me. Paul has a point of view that should be heard, even if I only sometimes agree with him, but he never had a chance of being the nominee.


Guess he doesn’t like being seated at the little kids table. I won’t miss hearing him and his few over screaming followers.


In most election cycles, even many candidates who only have an outside shot of winning still reap benefits by having their ideas and ideals being put up on stage.

This election cycle, all ideas and ideals have been overshadowed by the ego and personality of Donald Trump.


It could be worse. He could be Martin O’Malley

One person shows up to O’Malley event in Iowa, remains uncommitted




Rand Paul rubs some people the wrong way, but usually it’s the kind of Republican that believes the world would be a better place with America actively and aggressively pursuing there role as policeman for the world. Hw won’t get near winning, but I think he’ll stay in it after several others drop out.


I am amazed how the Republican Party is allowing the mainstream media to filter who will get the presidential nomination. If I was Rand, I would drop out of the debates now and start talking only to voters Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina exclusively.


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