Rand Paul just introduced his Obamacare Replacement Act

Why is healthcare so expensive? Where does the money all go?

Nurses, doctors, hospitals, administrators.

ACA was supposed to cut into administration but it hasn’t been too successful apparently.

Decades ago, my doctor charged $25/visit. Then one day I went in and the charge was double! Why? I asked. He told me he’d needed to start accepting insurance, and to deal with the insurance, he’d had to hire two (!) more people.

The clinic where I go has one medical provider, a PA. Charge: $100. Staff: two nurses with 2-year degrees who do intake and help with bandaging and the like, and three people working in the office.

About 15 years ago, I took my daughter to a clinic for a UTI on the weekend. Charge (including a test): $75. A couple years later, the clinic had been replaced by an ER with hospital, and, innocent that I was, we went there for the same complaint. It took about 45 minutes til I was even seen, even tho there were no other patients, and the charge was over $500 for the exact same thing we’d had at the clinic.

All the stuff at the ER was billed separately: the visit to the hospital, the time of the doctor, the test, which meant that each of those entities had numerous people on-staff to deal with insurance. At least at the clinic I only help pay for three, at the hospital it must have been 9 or more adminstrators with all that division.

Maybe it’s the insurance that has driven up the cost…

Actually, many insurance companies had to refund some premiums in either 2013 or 2014 because they hadn’t spent enough on medical costs. I believe that 85% of premiums collected have to be spent on care. The remaining is for administration and profits.

The practically is that the ACA is imploding. The government can’t sustain it at the rate it is going now. IMO if it continues, rationing of healthcare will occur. I have not heard that the GOP wants to take out the part about pre-existing conditions, or even parents keeping their kids on their insurance until they are 26. Meanwhile, how many people who had insurance through their jobs that they were satisfied with and now have had to go to Obamacare because their businesses stopped the insurance.

Perhaps it is because I am conservative that I prefer to wait and see what the GOP comes up with before I panic. They are considering a number of plans that will be debated, unlike the ACA which was passed without any input from the opposing party and was not read by the Dems that voted for it.

When the law was launched in 2010 it was estimated then, at that time, that the effect of bending the cost curve wouldn’t really be felt until around 2020.

But people forget these things. The same way economists in 2009 estimated that the country wasn’t expected to truly recover from the Great Recession and reach full employment again until 2016.

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