Rand Paul to unveil GOP's Obamacare replacement plan



I really like Rand Paul. Repeal and replace!!


Will it totally be replaced or will it just be revamped? Will they be looking at other ideas
or just this one put forth by Rand Paul?


I will be interested in learning the details of the replacement plan/bill.

That said, I am personally a bigger fan of Paul Ryan than I am on Rand Paul.


They have a plan? I keep hearing the rhetoric that they do not have a plan:)


Not until they tell us what it is and they have a consensus. Obviously they couldn’t do that before they took their votes this past wk.


They had one when Obamacare was shoved down our throats on a purely partisan vote along with procedural chicanery from Harry Reid. Republicans were locked out of all committees and conferences. Listen to the rhetoric only if you want to be fooled.


They have been trying to repeal for 8 years and so have had plenty of time to develope an alternate plan. They should be ready to roll it out. Instead they have no consensus us on any. What they have is about half a dozen possibilities that they cannot agree on.


Exactly. Which is probably why posters such as mary bobo keep hearing they do not have a plan. I’m not even clear if what Paul is rolling out, is a consensus plan or just 1 possible bill.


We should just pass the plan to find out what’s in it.


Ha! :slight_smile:


The government has been highly regulating medical care and insurance for decades. Nothing they have done has achieved the stated goal. If all of their legislation was repealed we’d have decent medicine again. But that isn’t going to happen.


Speculation with no evidence to back it up. I personally think we would have snake oil salesmen again.


We have snake oil salesmen now. Doctors are also one of the leading causes of death.


Now you are just making stuff up.:rotfl:


It’s not really funny. Medical errors are the third leading cause of death. And if you aren’t aware Lipitor is snake oil. It doesn’t actually reduce mortality and it causes liver damage. That’s just one of many snake oil pharmaceuticals.


The plan is to tell people not to get sick. :slight_smile:


The results of that John Hopkins studay is very questionable.




Everyone dies so what’s the point of medicine? Nothing reduces mortality.

It’s the quality of life which is the real issue IMO.

Otherwise we’re back to death panels again.


is that remark really necssary? You assume much:cool:

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