Random Acts of Kindness


Judaism places a lot of value on doing acts of kindness for others. I am sure your religion does as well. I’d like to discuss the role of acts of kindness play in our lives and what our religion teaches about them. Anyone want to share an act of kindness that the did or received?


I find such acts of kindness or charity very uplifting, whether I’m on the giving or receiving end. They are inevitably a reminder that life is good, and God is Very Good! I’ve noticed that I’m much more sensitive to such acts now then when I was in my unbelieving years.


I typically try to do the little things like give a pregnant or older person a seat on the subway. Or help carry a baby carriage or package up the stairs of a subway terminal. I try to give a buck or two to the homeless or once a week my entire lunch money and not eat anything as a penance, hold doors, smile, the little things.

I wanted to actually volunteer but never had any luck, St. Vincent’s never called me back, the homeless program called cityharvest had me sit in a room with 5 others for nearly 2 hours then set us away, this happened twice and then never called any of us back. I guess there’s no shortage of volunteers out there.


Today I am making a donation to AJWS toward the “Save Darfur” campaign. This donation is a direct result of this thread as I probably wouldn’t have thought about it today otherwise.


One of my best buddies where I work is the Rabbi (an Orthodox Jew AND a retired Lieutennant Commander in the US Navy). We’re always helping each other out. He tells me “today, you did a really big mitzvah!” Sometimes he gets me leftovers from the Kosher kitchen (the best food in the place) for lunch.

When I know he’s going to walk the 14 miles home on a holiday when he can’t take a taxi or bus, I see to it that he has a couple of bottles of water for the trip (if he is allowed to carry that day).




OK. Here goes. A priest, a rabbi, and a minister are all shipwrecked in the Indian Ocean, thousands of miles away from land. For three days they encourage one another, praying together, hanging on to faith that their prayer will be answered.

Finally, exhausted and discouraged, the minister says, “Guys, I think it’s time to prepare to meet our maker. Nobody is going to find us out here.”

The priest concurs: “Yes. It’s time to give up hope. Let’s confide our souls to the care of the Almighty.”

But the Rabbi is undeterred in his confidence. “Don’t worry boys! I KNOW somebody will find us! I am absolutely sure of it!”

“But how can you say that?” the other two ask.

"I KNOW we’re going to be found because I made a $1000 pledge to the UJA and I haven’t written the check. THEY’LL find us!


It’s funny you should start a thread on this topic. I did here, as well. There aren’t a lot of stories in the thread, yet, but what’s there is inspring! :slight_smile:


I do random acts of kindness when the opportunity arises often. My church emphasizes this tremendously. With that said, I have become the new coordinator of a homeless ministry called IHN(Interfaith Hospitality Network)The guests in the program stay at the churches that are involved. The guests are at my church this week. They left a grocery list and I though–ugg I didnt want to go shopping again. I thought Ill just ask the people bringing the dinners to each bring one extra item. Last night @9pm my friend calls and says she is going to the store and she would buy the stuff. I said"Why are you going to the store @9pm?" She said “for you” I thought bless her little heart:love: She knows how demanding this ministry is of my time and wanted to give me a break.:smiley: I want to cry just thinking about it. That was truly a random act of kindness done for me.:thumbsup:


When I was just starting a business the uncle of a friend of mine called me and told me he would do all the set up work on networking my computers. He drove 160 miles to my city and set up all my systems and refused any payment. He said he was thankful for some things I had done in the past for his nephew.


that sounds fantastic. The world thanks you.


Thank you Valke2 well at least the county that the program is in.:smiley:


The KofC is all about random acts of kindness. Charity is part of our creed. Most Christians, and Catholics especially are encouraged by our faith to do random acts of mercy. BUT we are also advised not to brag about them, because then our reward is in the public recognition and not in the act of kindness itself.

The toughest thing I ever did, was to send an email to a former supervisor that I could not stand, saying that I was sorry to see him go. I definitely was not, but I felt compelled to be charitable.

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