Random Acts of Kindness


I would like to ask everyone to share your random acts of kindness that you have received or have given.


I didn’t have the exact change to pay for my lunch at school, so the cashier put some of her own change in the register:)

This week, I randomly decided to help my mom around the house.



I received a drawing from a child
I received an unexpected smile
I received caring questions about my health
Someone brought me cookies
I was told I am very good at my job
I was given a neck rub
I shared a laugh with a colleague
My sister shared the ups and downs of her life
Someone is driving me somewhere next week that I otherwise couldn’t go

Things like this.


An elderly neighbor crocheted me a blanket “to remember her by”


A few winters ago I was driving and saw an elderly lady and a young child walking down the street. It was raining. I pulled over to give them my only umbrella.

A man asked if I had any spare change when I was walking into a hamburger joint. Instead of giving him change, I invited him to share lunch with me.

I was leaving the hospital with two toddlers and my infant in his infant seat. I was trying to get the toddlers to hold hands with me while I carried the infant carrier across the parking lot. A doctor came out behind me and carried the baby seat to my car and helped me buckle in all three kids.


Once I was sitting at the side of the road with steam pouring out of my ancient van, a wonderful woman stopped and asked me who she could call for me–I’m sure she knew anyone driving such a van wouldn’t have a phone.

fortunately, my husband was following me home–we were trying to “limp” home from the original breakdown spot. I told her my husband should be along any minute, and she said, “I’ll pray for you.”

I’ll never forget it. It meant so much to me.


once I lost my cell phone at school and figured someone stole it, later that night, my mom got a call from the campu security office, someone had turned it in. When I picked it up, I found out who turned it in and made sure to find him and say “thank you”.

When I was a teenager, my mom (who is blind) and I were travling on the city bus in the winter and we had to cross this really busy street with no traffic signel, the bus driver got out of the bus and stepped into the street to stop traffic for us.

thos weren’t recent, but they stick out in my mind because they were both very meaningful :slight_smile:


I’ve received kind and warm posts here, and prayers.

I’ve received smiles from people

I’ve received “God grace” rather than secular greetings.

Handshakes from our priests when not being a part of a group greeting. One, and good day wishes, from our deacon as well.

Good words from family, sometimes when they didn’t probably think I could hear.

Possibly lots and lots from God. There is a number of things I could interpret this way.

As for me, I’ve tried to be kind and helpful and some if it has worked.


My pharmacist caught 2 serious drug interactions when I had my stroke 2 yrs. ago and then last month another interaction my MD missed. Recently, I wrote a 2 page letter to his boss telling him that Tony is a very valuable asset to the pharmacy, how he saved me from serious complications, and that he deserved extra vacation time and a huge pay raise. Good customer service makes it easier to cope with an illness instead of adding additional stress.

I also make cookies for my primary MD’s office & GI’s office each Christmas because I am a “frequent flyer”. The staff is very supportive/understanding and the RNs have fought the insurance company on my behalf a few times when they denied payment.

I am truly blessed to have a great healthcare team by my side.


once I brought a sick child to the doctor and informed them that
we no longer had health insurance. The doctor said “no charge
for today” and the anti-biotic was only 14.00.

once a co-worker told me he witnessed an accident on the
freeway on the way to work. He stopped and pulled the unconcious driver out of the car. Then, foom! the car went up
in flames. As the emergency vehicles began to arrive, this
co-worker drove off, like a secret hero.


One day, I was parked in the back of the parking lot at the supermarket snarfing down a candy bar. It was my only 2 hours away from home that week, and as much as I love my dh and 3 kids, I was relishing every second to myself that day. As I sat there, blankly staring out the window and enjoying talk radio and chocolate, a man parked next to me and went into the store. When he came out of the store a while later and saw that I was still there, he did a double take, and must have thought I was depressed or something. From his car, he knocked on his window, got me to roll down my window, and asked me if I was ok. After I smiled and said, “thanks I’m fine”, he left. I was a little embarrassed, but mostly, just completely surprised by the goodness of a stranger, to care enough about the well being of another stranger to reach out like that. It may have been a small gesture, but it still required him to put himself out there. And I believe it is gestures like that that can turn a person’s day around if they are contemplating suicide or are just otherwise really sad. I was actually perfectly content to begin with, but this random kindness totally perked up my day.


I always keep extra ice scrapers in the car for others in need.

This year, I’ve often brushed off the snow on the cars around me.


That’s a great idea!


One Saturday morning before Christmas last year, I was praying in the Chapel before going to work. A fellow parishioner who used to be in our small church group came in to drop the Christmas present for the needy. We greeted each other than she started to pour out all the heartaches their family went through lately. I listened for long time, comforted her, and promised to pray.

This Easter morning when I was kneeling and praying before Mass started, she came over to say Happy Easter to me, and informed me her family was doing well. Her effort of seeking me out in the 1200 congregation and kindly gave me an Easter greeting means a lot to me.



I’m a healthy senior that lives in a very nice low income senior apartment. I take care to be sure to help out my disabled and feeble friends.

Each time that our Savior gives me an opportunity to help I make sure that I offer it up and thank the Lord for allowing me to help.



Today someone on the spirituality forum gave his shoes to a
man in church with no shoes. He walked out of church on the wet ground in his socks. And this Divine Mercy Sunday!
See “helping the poor - directly”


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