Random TV Show Idea

Hello CAF,

I thought of a random idea for a TV show. It seemed like a good one at the time, but I want to know what everyone thinks.

It’s tentatively named “Green Kitchen”. It’s a show where the chef(s) cook healthy and/or flavorful meals in the most efficient way possible. They may buy cheaper ingredients or using alternative cooking methods. And, of course, after the meal is done, a price comparison is made with a typical recipe that uses conventional cooking methods. The show may also give advice on purchasing a microwave, stove, or other kitchen appliance.

DId someone already think of this? If not, what do you think?

The closest cooking show to that I can think of is: Sandra’s Money Saving Meals! She cooks healthy, non pricey meals. But most, if not, all of the cooking shows on Food Network try to make their meals as efficient as possible.
Great idea, though!! It’s just been thought of already. :o

I don’t really watch much TV so I don’t know if someone has already thought of it, but I think it’s a great idea!

I just did a search on YouTube to see what her show is about. You’re right. She DID steal my idea!

Just kidding.:stuck_out_tongue: You’re right; the idea has been thought of already. Oh well. It looks like a really informative show. Thanks for sharing!:slight_smile:

hehe, you’re very welcome!! Enjoy watching! :slight_smile: I know I do!! :smiley:

How about this one call it “Elvis TV” where you have three TV’s in the living room and every time you watch something you don’t like you take out a gun and shoot the TV.

Just like the King did!

Man I can see myself now every time I turned on C-SPAN; bam, bam, bam!:dancing:

Except for weekends on Book TV on C-SPAN2 I mean come on that’s cool TV::popcorn:

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