Randomly attacked 92-year-old woman now terrified, no longer feels safe in NYC

It was reported the 31 year old attacker has over 100 prior arrests.

What is the point you are trying to make with this post? That some Blacks commit crimes, even against the elderly? Yes, they do. That crimes are committed by some Blacks against people of other races? Yes, they are. That the police are necessary to stop such crimes? Yes, they are. That New York, where this crime occurred, is run by Democrats? Yes, it is. That New York City is a crime-ridden urban center in which people, especially the elderly, do not feel safe? No, it is not, and the elderly do, in general, feel safe. That Black Lives Matter is a misnomer because All Lives Matter? Not exactly, because, although all lives do matter, Blacks, in particular, have been discriminated against more than other groups of people.


Or maybe your post is questioning why this man is still out on the streets after over 100 prior arrests? A hundred prior arrests seem like an awful lot, so I wonder about the number. But even if there were fewer arrests, this is yet another reason why we need court and prison reform, in addition to the injustices done to some Blacks by the justice system.

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Maybe you are overthinking things?

A 31 year old man who had previously been arrested 100 times casually and callously attacked a vulnerable 92 year old woman in broad daylight.

The justice system is clearly not working.


Yes, I agree. That is why we need justice, court, and prison reform for all people including Blacks. Are the Republicans in Congress pushing for justice reform?

The majority Republican Senate is:


McConnell and Barr are on top of it already. Good to know.

I don’t know his point, but the point I see is that America needs to solve and police its own problems instead of trying to be the policeman of the world. The endless American interventions and wars should stop and Americans should instead focus on their problems at home.

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Surely the point is no matter if the attacker black or white or even comes from another planet, what he did was wrong and should be punished. What these people forget should they be blessed with a long life they too will one day be a target for the thug element!

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Wow 10 posts in and no one has suggested praying for the woman.


Technically, yours didn’t either. That’s 11.

This one doesn’t either though. That’s 12.

Prayers for the woman.

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She seems to have recovered physically.

There is of course the obvious and unavoidable recalibration in her trust of society.

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