Randy Pauch and the last lecture

I just heard about Randy Pauch and his last lecture. his story is very inspiring. I guess it is just a little upsetting to me that he prefers to keep his faith private. His teaching points seems so Christian to me. Isn’t it bad and just promoting secularism to not mention Christ? What if other people don’t think they need Christ? I’m not articulating this well, but that seems bad to me.

Any thoughts?
cheers, Deni

His book (of the same title) explicitly describes his relationship with his priest and the comfort it brought him.


UUA.org: What is your religious background, and what is it about being a Unitarian Universalist that attracted you to this faith?

Pausch: I was raised Presbyterian and attended church regularly until I was about 17. I like the fact that [Unitarian Universalism] appeals to reason and thought more than dogma.

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