Ranking Members of the Catholic Church and the Russian Orthodox Church Sign Historic Document

Very historic and hopeful…

WARSAW, Poland (CNS) – The head of the Russian Orthodox Church and the president of the Polish Catholic bishops’ conference signed a joint message Aug. 17 urging Poles and Russians to set aside centuries of anger and prejudice and work together to maintain their countries’ Christian identities…



Splendid news.

Now if Poland and Russia can offer their citizens attractive enough incentives to have families of two or more children (the TFR in the two countries is respectively 1.31 and 1.43), there may be some folks around who will be able to benefit from the agreement in the coming generations… :frowning:

Does this mean the Rusyns in southern Poland might get their churches back?

Somehow I doubt it!

BTW - the church of my ancestors is today a Roman Catholic Church with icon screen …

Inside the Greek Orthodox church of Saint Michael the Archangel (1797), now the Roman Catholic church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary in Brunary Wyżne

Being Catholic the conference also includes the eastern Catholic Churches there in Poland and the military:

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Metropolitan Archbishop Jan Martyniak (Przemysl-Warszawa)

Ordinary for the faithful of the Eastern Rite, Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz

Military Ordinary of Poland, Bishop Józef Guzdek


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