Rant about reporting


I don’t know what to think right now. I’ve been frustrated lately with reporters not doing a thorough job of reporting stuff, of being really biased, aka ignoring the Marches for Life in the US and Canada, and countless other things. Now an article in MacLean’s has me hot under the collar again. here is it: macleans.ca/article.jsp?content=20070606_152009_7640
Difficulty is, my boyfriend is one of the people caught ‘cheating’. In the vaguest sense of the word, what he did was cheating. However, the article makes it to be like they did something huge. Instead, all they did was try to access the answer’s to last week’s assignment. Suddenly, those answers are the one’s for this week. Not secret password, no tricks, just an accidental stumble, and all of a sudden all your answers are sitting in front of you. Like turning over an exam to find the answers printed on the other side. And guess what? The computer system knws you looked at those answers. So no matter if you used them or not, you’re now a ‘cheater’ completely by accident. Some students ignored the answers, some copied-and-pasted, and some, like my boyfriend, used them to check their answers. These online assignments were used as prep for the midterms and exams. Anyone who copied-and-pasted has already been punished with being un-prepared for the real tests… Okay, I’m getting off track here.

What I’m really bothered about is how you can’t seem to trust news anymore. There’s always another side to it, always a spin on it, always something not mentioned… I hate it! You can’t trust any of it anymore! Not to mention advertizing! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could believe what we’re told about the food we eat, the clothes we buy, the chemicals we clean our houses with? But we can’t. We have to search for the fine print. We have to do enless research, which only yields results that have to be checked and double-checked, and checked again five years later when new research comes out… I’m really, really frustrated. I am so sick of having to be cynical. I don’t want to be cynical anymore! I want to trust, but I can’t. I can only trust God. He won’t lie. What House says is true for the majority of the population at least: “Everybody lies.” growls with frustration


Send a letter to the editor of the paper.

Pray, pray, and more prayer. Take all news with a grain of salt and try not to let it get to you. It really does seem to suck the wind out of you - but remember there are good people in this world doing good things everyday - it just doesn’t get reported because its not sensational.

Do some volunteering and get away from the paper, tv and computer. It’ll do your heart some good.



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