Rape condoned in the bible?

I’m having a conversation with an atheist friend and he mentioned rape being condoned in the bible. :eek: So I did a little online searching and found this: evilbible.com/Rape.htm

So now I’m trying to figure out how to respond to my friend b/c I can’t seem to find any good responses to some of those OT passages. My initial thoughts are having to do with not judging them by todays standards, and/or they were actually being less hostile than there enemies, but I’m not sure if that’s true. or maybe take it a different direction. Any thoughts?

Just because the Bible mentions rape doesn’t meant it condones it, any more than a history book condones the Nazi reign for mentioning what happened back then.

What is happening here is describing events that had happened. These particular verses make no mention of the actual morality of the situation, but the very last verse of the chapter (and book) I find very telling that it is in fact not condoning the rape: “In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in their own sight.” (Judges 21:25)

The last verse is pointing out that there was no leadership at the time so chaos and anarchy breaks out. So, instead of doing what was right by God, they were doing what they thought was right.

This is nothing more than more an anti-religious modern atheist attempt at rhetoric, which fails.


Another athiest who knows the Bible. They usually think they know the Bible better than actual believers.

The old testament does not only mention rape, read the verse and other verses, they were a part of rules ordered by God and done by prophets.

Many of them were previously believers, when a verse encourages violence, it’s clear and cannot be taken other than literally.

Jimmy Akins did a good job outlining the responses to the standard argument that the OT condones rape. All the arguments I’ve heard come from a lack of understanding of history and taking verses out of context.

I don’t really want to click on a link for a site called “evilbible” - I don’t want to improve the number of hits their site gets, and I don’t know if there is malware associated with such a site, or other morally objectionable or pornographic material. Since you have already clicked on the site, which sounds pretty contemptible, would you mind summarizing their claims, and we can try to provide some answers for you.

Good response postings. I agree with Arizona Mike; I don’t want to click it either. The last time I had this same discussion, I couldn’t help but to think that we don’t have to go back to ancient culture to understand; it seems like the days of Pa Kettle will do. I may be showing my age a bit, but can’t you almost see some B&W TV movie – you know the one. The farmer’s daughter stares timidly at the ground while papa’s on the front porch with a double barrel leveled down on young Johnny. You can almost hear him saying, “You done what you done, boy, I’ll be expectin’ you to do the right thing.” (as if he has options at this point).

Although these characters weren’t presented as intellectual giants, it does seem as though they understood scripture better than some of the “point and click” exegesis of today.

I think alot of the issues come up with people not understanding biblical times were a very long time ago, and things were different back then, women were not held in high regard in society, this is still the case in many mid eastern countries, We in the US of course think differently, but just like we look back at some of the things that were common in biblical times and almost laugh at how ‘backwards’ they seemed to be, but in all likelihood, in another 1000 or so years, people living then will look back and laugh and wonder why the people did the goofy things they did and believed in 2013.

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