Raped for reading the Bible


Raped for reading the Bible
Exclusive by Evelyn Yamine

April 17, 2007 12:00
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AN Iraqi man allegedly raped a Muslim woman as “punishment” for reading the
Bible, saying, “let your Jesus help you”, a court heard yesterday.
Campbelltown District Court was told Abdul Reda Al Shawany twice sexually
assaulted the woman, a practising Muslim who wears a hijab, after they met
at a railway station.
Al Shawany, 52, has plead not guilty to two counts of having sexual
intercourse without consent between September 1 and 27, 2002, at a unit in
Warwick Farm.
At the first day of the week-long trial yesterday, Crown prosecutor Michael
O’Brien outlined the case and told how the woman allegedly kept the clothes
and underwear she was wearing on the day of the alleged rape in a plastic
bag for about three years.
The woman initially reported the matter to police but did not want to take
it further because she felt “ashamed”, Mr O’Brien said. She later changed
her mind and Al Shawany, of Hillsdale, was arrested in July 2005 and the
woman provided police with the clothing.
The Crown alleges swab samples from the accused had the same DNA as the
semen sample taken from the woman’s clothing.
“The complainant was born a Muslim and raised a Muslim and was a Muslim all
her life,” Mr O’Brien said.
He said when the woman came to Australia from the Middle East she began
listening to Christian teachers and reading the Bible.
He said the woman had received threats from members of her faith for
reading the Bible but had not converted to Christianity.
It is alleged she met Al Shawany, who she had first met overseas, at
Warwick Farm railway station in September, 2002, after he told her he had
some mail for her from overseas.
Al Shawany allegedly then took her to a Warwick Farm unit and pushed her in
the head as she entered.
“She was wearing a hijab. The accused grabbed the hijab, the veil, and
pulled it tight across her mouth,” Mr O’Brien told the court.
"She fell to the floor and she couldn’t scream because she had a hijab
tight across her mouth."
Al Shawany allegedly raped the woman and later allegedly said: "Let your
Jesus help you."
In a police interview, Al Shawany denied having sexual intercourse with the
woman or threatening her.
Al Shawany’s barrister Chris Pike told the court his client was a
hardworking businessman with close ties to the community who strenuously
denied the charges.
“My client is not a zealot,” Mr Pike said.
The woman gave evidence in closed court yesterday and is expected to return
to the witness stand when the trial before Judge David Knox continues



Unfortunately this happened to the poor women.
Im sure she can now see how beautiful christianity is.


I only hope this horrid crime becomes a means for her leaving Islam


I tried to put it on that muslim site that i pm’d you…
Will be interesting to see if they allow it to go up…


What I find interesting is that he attacked her (so it seems) because she was reading the Bible. I state this (which is obvious from the article) because I am sure some relativist will say that some Christian somewhere has also raped… but here religion was actually relevant.


Very true!


When I saw the title of this thread, I had a prophetic insight into which community would be involved…
eery eh?


Not really, people just care more about showing Muslims being bad than helping Christians. Note the complete lack of interest in the media or even these forums of how Christians are treated by Hindu extremists in India, despite it being much worse than what’s happening in any Muslim country.

Just a quick example stopfundinghate.org/resources/news/011404WashTimes.htm


the usual and expected tu quoque I see
I had a prophecy about that as well
I am aware of the rise of Hindu extremists, and yes they can be as bad as any


How is it tu quoque? It’s a perfectly valid point that atrocities committed by Muslims are over-represented in the media. You just don’t hear about the horrific things Hindu extremists have done to religious minorities in India, despite them being much worse than anything that’s happened in any Muslim country recently. An exception being the Gujarat massacres to be fair, that did get some coverage, but the fact that it needed up to 2,000 people brutally killed over a few days for anyone to acknowledge something not very nice was happening says enough.


i haven’t heard Hindus wage war on Western Culture. when they do, then perhaps the Western media will also represent the atrocities commited on Christians by Muslims AND Hindus.


How is it tu quoque? Do you know what a tu quoque is?
The problems with Muslims are more of an issue for the UK, therefore it is more in the news. “Small earthquake in Chile: few killed” - that’s the reality of the world.


I know very well what tu quoque is.

The problems with Muslims in parts of the world aren’t anymore an issue to the UK than problems with Hindus. How do events in say, the Gaza Strip affect the UK exactly? Yet that place is forever on British news everytime someone there trips on their shoelace. Or the Afghan man who received death threats from some Muslims for converting to Christianity, how does that affect us? Is a man in Afghanistan getting death threats for converting to Christianity, who went back to Germany unharmed, really a more important story than the Gujarat massacres in which up to 2,000 people were murdered for not being Hindus in which the Indian government did absolutely nothing to stop it and has done absolutely nothing to punish those responsible? Guess which story got by far more media coverage though…

Twist it however you like, the fact is this is not fair or balanced coverage.


How do events in say, the Gaza Strip affect the UK exactly?

Blimey you must either be really out of touch or delighting in obfuscation!
When people use said situation to justify killing people on the London Tube, that’s when:rolleyes:

I know very well what tu quoque is

then why did you need to ask where the tu quoque is then?

Or the Afghan man who received death threats from some Muslims for converting to Christianity, how does that affect us?

A great deal actually. In any case you obviously have missed the point I was making (see below).

Twist it however you like, the fact is this is not fair or balanced coverage.

So you obviously didn’t read my post properly then. “small earthquake in Chile”…?


I asked where it was because I didn’t think I’d used it anywhere, I wasn’t trying to justify what the man in the OP did, I was merely addressing your post in which you implied only Muslims do things like this, which is completely false and fueled by unbalanced media and political coverage.

I think you’ll find it was the war in Iraq (which is an issue for Britain, since they invaded Iraq) that was used to justify the London bombings, not conflict between Fatah and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.


I’m sure Israel was part of it tho - it always is. Certain the Levant Arabs affect the UK all the time, if they’re not beheading journalists British Muslims are trying to commit suicide bombings there. The “brothers” are getting “persecuted”, so British Muslims side with their “brothers” against the non-Muslims. Put it another way, nothing on these shores and nothing to do with anyone who is truly British (as opposed to a migrant whose loyalty lies with outside influences).
“Foreign policy” is a matter for the democratic process not ethnic minorities feudal loyalties.


It was the war in Iraq, look it up pretty much anywhere and you’ll read that the videos left by the bombers said they were doing so ‘for the atrocities you have committed in Iraq’ and stuff like that. No mention of Gaza…

But let’s ignore the media for now, at least consider the political consequences. Has the British government done anything at all in response to the Gujarat massacres? No, they haven’t done anything, and India is supposed to be one of our closest allies yet we turn a blind eye when things like that happen. If 2,000 Christians were suddenly massacred in Iran like what happened in India, and the government did nothing to stop it or punish those responsible, and an Iranian MP said it ‘should teach the Christian community a lesson’, how do you think the British government would react? The same as they did with India? Of course not… There’d be hell to pay.


Well I didn’t know what tu quoque meant. So,

Horrible story, I pray the woman is healed.


well the Levant Arabs have certainly be the excuse in past atrocities if not the latest.
What this other situation has to do with the topic only you know - except that you want to justify your claims of persecution…


It’s very clear how the ‘other situation’ is related to the topic, it shows how whenever Muslims do something bad in the world everyone hears and talks about it, yet other religious groups are mostly ignored when they do similar things.

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