Rapper Lord Jamar: Black Lives Matter ‘Not Our Movement,’ ‘Given To Us By George Soros’

This idea that it is a united movement like Martin Luther King and that it is a black movemnt to deal with and bring soution to the racism and community problems is not shared by many in the black community.

They do not see it as their own movement. Rapper Lord Jamar did a video.

In a video that has quickly gone viral, Lord Jamar (real name Lorenzo Dechalus) said that he is not a “Black Lives Matter” supporter, citing the organization’s radical views that fall outside its original mission statement.

“Rapper Lord Jamar, a member of the hip-hop group Brand Nubian, sparked controversy when he rejected the Black Lives Matter organization over its Marxist roots, alleging it was created by far-left philanthropist billionaire George Soros and saying it is robbing Black Americans of their own “organic movement.”

No, absolutely not,” responded Jamar. “Because it’s not our movement. This is a movement that was given to us by, you know, George Soros

Im not a Black Lives Matter supporter,” Jamar said in an interview on SCUM.


Do you listen to the No Agenda and/or Mo Facts with Adam Curry podcast perhaps? That’s where I heard this statement from Jamar…he is a very smart man.

Yeah, many disagree with it. On top of that it is inherently decentralized. Tbh I think it’s just a mess, and could be so much better, but won’t be. It’s going to be a failure. The statement is good, but the organization is another topic.

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