Rapture and John Haggee


Hey gang! It has been a little while since I got a thread going, but I am back.

I want to know what you think of all the Rapture teaching out there. I really want some feedback from our Protestant brothers and sisters who may be into the Rapture teaching. I am curious how this one is going to be argued.

I am also very interested in John Haggee who teaches Rapture all of the time on television. While Haggee is wrong on MANY things, I am particularly interested in the opinions of the forum members on his Rapture teaching.

So…let the games begin.



I know I should live, as if it was going to happen, but I am LDS, and the LDS, and Catholics, don’t believe in the Rapture.

If I did live as if I was going to be taken tomorrow, that might get me to be more repentant. Rapture, or no rapture, I should live as if Christ was comming tomorrow.


Geocacher,You are so correct. We ALL should live our lives as if Jesus Christ will come for us all tomorrow.

As for John Haggee,he can be “raptured” any time now:whistle:


Mormons don’t believe in the rapture per se, but they certainly accept the 1,000 reign of Christ on earth belief that is part of rapture theology as Mormonism has the same origins in 19th centurty theology.

The rapture requires one to believe in three comings of Christ, there is no basis for such a belief and it 19th century fiction.


The vast majority of Protestants that use the word “Rapture” believe in a pre-millenial rapture. I believe that Jesus is coming back twice. The first Second Coming will be invisible, secret, and quietly. The Second Second Coming will be visible and loud!

My step-mother(staunch anti-catholic) has on her back window of her car this sticker:

“In case of the Rapture, this car will be driverless”

She is so sure of her state of salvation. There is no doubl what so ever.

Brad, this is the first post from you in a while. Busy?


John Martinogni has an MP3 download available at this site:


which is a recording of a talk he gave giving the Catholic teaching vs this peculiar fundamentalist thing they call rapture. I haven’t heard the talk yet, have it on my Ipaq and will try to hear it tomorrow. My fiance listened to it today and says it is very good.


An Independent Baptist friend of mine suggested “In Case Of Rapture The Bible Ain’t True”:smiley:
He says there is nothing in the scripture teaching such a doctrine.


How 'bout “In case of Rapture, can I have your car?” :stuck_out_tongue:


:rotfl: !! That was gooooood :extrahappy: !!! Thank you:rotfl: !!!


How about “The Rapture is my Retirement Plan”?

Anyway, people may have convinced others (and themselves) of “The Rapture”, and what is my position to ridicule their faith? However, we can all agree that there is no Scriptural or Traditional reason to believe in “The Rapture”, and, in my opinion, believing in it is tantamount to denying the Doctrine of the Trinity, putting them outside the realms of Christianity.


There is no rapture spoken of in the Bible. It is a 19th century heresy adopted by a minority of Protestants. It is an unbiblical tradition of men.


Although i never being to School of Theology before but i do heard my ex mention to me what rapture was. Sounded a little shocking for me, but didn’t taken it to seriously coz nobody knows whether rapture does happen when end time comes. Till the date comes then everyone knows.

So no need to debate whether is a heresy or fact!! Just wait!!!


Well, this Congregational Methodist doesn’t believe in such a thing and have never heard it mentioned in the scriptures or in my church but ALOT of vehicles in this area have bumper stickers with reference to it. Perhaps it is a Baptist or Pentecostal belief? Perhaps other Methodists believe it and just do not mention it? Maybe I am in the minority, I don’t know.


John Martinogni’s talk is very good. Also David Currie has a book about this that is also really good if you want to get it. It’s called “Rapture: The End Times Error That Leaves The Bible Behind”. Before he converted David Currie used to believe in this.


The rapture is something a man named John Darby completely made up based on his own interpretation of the book of revelation. He predicted it to happen in the early 1800s. Then Scofield picked it up and pushed it in the early 1900s.

Whenever I’m asked if I believe in it, I respond I believe in the second coming of Christ and the final judgement of man before the establisment of God’s Kingdom on earth.


yeah, certainly… I’ve got that book and it’s very interesting reading. The first chapter was a funny way of starting the Pro-Catholic argument, because he at first argues FOR the Rapture as he presented his arguments before catholicism got him, and then very slowly he turns his one-time own argument completely on it’s head within less than a few sentences in Chapter 2… Basically stating “oh ****, hang on, Most of these Rapture passages refer to something which happens ‘before this generation passes’ and heck it did when Rome came to the party in 70AD”.

This website has awesome materials especially the ones on the “Left Behind” protestant rapturous book series. But I’d also suggest getting out and reading “Catholocism and Fundamentalism”, which as I recall has a rather nice and concise chapter about this issue too.


While the Rapture as preached by John Haggee is absolutely false and nowhere to be found in Scripture, the Catholic Church does teach about a certain type of rapture called the apostolic state of rapture. It is a kind of divine violence that plucks a man out of himself, as St. Paul was snatched to the seventh heaven. It is a divine flight as contrasted to the slow crawl to divine things naturally characteristic to man. Here man is abstracted from the sensible world, from the senses, from the imgination; it is as though for a moment he was only a mind, to which the divine secrets are laid bare, and a will enthralled by the joys to those secrets.

This rapture is not to be confused with physical afflictions or with diabolic possesion; it is not the trance of emotion, the overpowering movement of sense love or wild passion. It is a divine scorning of human limitations of the depths of knowledge and a divine outpouring of divine joy. It is primarily intellectual and altogether supernatural; in rapture, mere men, with St. Paul, see things that are not given to the tongue of man to speak, things which flood the human heart with an overpowering joy that disrupts all normal channels of communication. Rapture is a species of prophecy with the same divine mark of infallible knowledge of inscrutable things.

Another example of “rapture” as the Catholic Church understands it can be taken from the second reading from yesterday’s Mass. John was in ecstasy, in “rapture”, when he wrote the Book of Revelation. It might be something to bear in mind the next few weeks as there will be many readings from this mysterious Book proclaimed at Holy Mass.


I’m Protestant and I think the Rapture is hogwash.

I also get a good laugh at people like Tim LaHaye.


In regards the the Rapture Gospel according to Tim LaHaye…

I find it funny that the Last book was suppose to be “The Glorious Appearing” or something like that…

4 books later, he just published the LAST LAST book in the series…

Seems to me more like the guy is just trying to milk a dead cow than actually spreading truth…


It’s because you’re Methodist. I’ve noticed that Methodists tend to be more resistant to these sorts of novelties.

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