What is the Catholic’s Church position on the rapture?


Don’t believe there is an official position.


The Catholic Church believes that there will be a rapture in strict accordance with 1 Thess 4:17.

This rapture will occur on the last day which will be the end of the world and the day of judgment. The rapture will not occur in the ways described by Tim LaHaye and others that teach in a similar vein.

You can probably search threads on this forum and read discussions on the topic. Or if you need more you can go to the following link to read articles on the subject:



The Rapture?

Simple answer: No, Catholics do not believe in the rapture because (in spite of all the hype to the contrary) it is not actually taught in the Bible, and it was never believed by the early church…or the rest of the church during it’s 2,000 year history.

That would make it a new wind of doctrine and a teaching of men.
Neither is something that Christians are supposed to get into.




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