Rare black seadevil anglerfish caught on video for first time by California researchers


Video at: NY Daily News

Plus this little tidbit:The males, in comparison, are tiny and because they lack a gut are forced to latch onto the female’s body to survive.
“If they don’t find a female mate, they drown,” University of Washington expert Ted Pietsch told the Santa Cruz Sentinel.


That’s what I look like first thing in the morning.


I saw that this morning, that thing is amazing! There is so much stuff in the deep sea that we have no idea about, it’s always exciting to get new footage like this!


Very interesting.


amazing! Thanks for sharing.



Terrifying! Thanks for the heads up. I always thought the black seadevil was just a bogey man, but now I know there was good reason my mom told me never to dive too deeply when I’m exploring the ancient depths.


Words to live by. :smiley:


Wow. That thing is really creepy looking. It almost looks like what I would imagine a demon manifesting itself as. lol


If they don’t find a female mate, they drown

Human males are much the same, eh? :smiley:


I’m a single clown, so to speak. But I have a secret weapon. (well, seemigly secret to most single males)

We Papists generally refer to it as a very strong devotion to Our Lady. :stuck_out_tongue: But I do have my weak moments…it’s a matter of trust. If I’d only pray my rosary a bit more things would go more smoothly, I’m sure! :blush:


Thanks for sharing. Does anyone else think that God made some things just because He could? This, platypus, etc.:slight_smile:


I’m certain that the BBC had footage of an anglerfish in its natural environment in their Oceans series.


Are they best served boiled or deep-fried?:blush:


They are only about 3 inches long so maybe fried in batches, like smelt. :wink:


:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: LOL!

Did you see the teeth on her?!

She’s a really fierce-looking little creature. I called my husband over to the computer to look at the video, and he just laughed. He was amazed, especially when I read the description about how the males “drowned.” He just laughed and said, “It figures!” LOL! :smiley:


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