Rare prenatal testing case raises ethical questions


Rare prenatal testing case raises ethical questions

In the months before their daughter was born in 2007, Deborah and Ariel Levy worried the baby might have Down syndrome.
They say a doctor at the Legacy Center for Maternal-Fetal Medicine assured them that a sample of tissue taken from the placenta early in the pregnancy ruled out the developmental disability, despite the results of later testing that showed the fetus might have it.

But within days of the birth of their daughter, the Southwest Portland couple learned the baby did have Down syndrome. Had they known, they say, they would have terminated the pregnancy. Now they’re suing in Multnomah County Circuit Court, seeking more than $14 million to cover the costs of raising her and providing education, medical care, and speech and physical therapy for their daughter, who turned 2 this month. The suit also seeks money to cover her life-long living expenses.

The Levys declined to be interviewed. Their attorney, David K. Miller, said the toddler is as dear to them as their two older children but they fear being perceived as “heartless.”


I wonder what they would have done if their baby were born “healthy” but then contracted an illness that would have left the baby with a disability? Whom would they sue?

I would have to say that their fear is well founded. How do you look at your child and say “if I knew yoy were like this I would have aborted you”. I can’t even imagine. Poor precious darling.

How could they ever be perceived as heartless?

Given a blessed miracle by God, some people “Choose” to murder the child if it is not 110% perfect?

If they can’t murder the innocent baby then $14 million dollars will ease the pain of this gift from God?

Wow, are we ever messed up???

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


Gee, I wonder why?
“We love her, but we don’t want to make any kind of sacrifice for her, and everyone else should pay for raising her. Had we known she had this disease, we would have killed her…but we still love her.”

Oh, the newspeak of it all… That is just…sick :mad:

This is very very sad. :frowning:

All tests, no matter how accurate have a certain %age of false positives and negatives. This couple is suing over a false negative, they were told their child wasn’t Down’s and it was.

Otoh, how many thousands of children have been falsely labeled Down’s and aborted? We’ll never know. They certainly can’t sue.

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