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So today I was talking about the recent scandal surrounding the alleged deflation of the footballs during the Patriots/Seattle game. I said “Bill Belichick cheated” but then I quickly stated “he allegedly cheated.” Does this constitute the sin of rash judgment? If so, is it a grave/serious sin that I must bring up in confession? :shrug:




If it is done lovingly, it is good to judge ideas.

You were not judging him, but his ideas.

My idea or opinion, pro football is totally inordinate.

It is love that gives meaning to life; that is my idea taken from Jesus Christ.


I think you should find a good confessor who can help you with scruples.

I have no idea if Bill Cheated. I can tell you that in the sports arena there are few who do not cheat. I can aslo tell you that manipulating the balls is not uncommon and is done by many teams. And the Patriots have been found guilty of cheating before. And that I have no idea why someone in that organization has the feeling that they are not good enough to win without cheating. I don’t know who ordered the balls to be deflated. I do know that it happened and it was purposeful. And I know that they would have won by multiple touchdowns by playing their bench.:o

Having an opinion that the hoodie cheated is not a moral issue.

The NFL is the most popular league around. And this scandal takes away from the domestic violence issue and puts the focus back squarely on the game coming up. I heard someone say this was the last thing the league needed. Could not be father from the truth. An entire nation will have an opinion and side during the Superbowl. A ratings windfall for the most highly rated thing on TV ever already.
Did they cheat. Yup but surprise there are steroids in baseball on every team. And Russia still bribes Olympic officials, and michael Vick is a criminal and Bill Clinton is a serial adulterer. And Obama hid Benghazi stuff.
And HIllary had Vince Foster Killed, and OJ did it, and MJ molested children.



You can’t help what thoughts pop into your head, but you can help what you do with them.

It sounds like you quickly corrected yourself, which is great!! :thumbsup:


Said the Patriot fan…:smiley:

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