Rasmussen Reports Donald Trump Approval Among Black Voters


If accurate, this is a seismic shift in US politics. Democrats viability as a national party is in question.


71% disapprove.


Democrats viability as a political party becomes very problematic if they can’t count on 90% of the African American vote, which is traditionally what they get. A 10% shift would be very harmful to Democrat national aspirations. Republicans and Trump don’t need to get a majority of black votes to virtually guarantee a win, they just need 20%. And Trump support in the black community doubling over a year does not bode well for Democrats.


Approval ratings don’t really indicate how someone would vote.

Obama had a 57% approval rating his last year. It didn’t cause those approving of Obama to vote for the same party by voting for Hillary.


And it’s occurring because people like Kanye West and Dennis Rodman are throwing him shade, making it acceptable to cut away from the pack.


The major issue I see with the parties is that voting Democrat is almost the default not because one votes for them but rather it’s a vote against the other party.


And Candace Owens and there are a few
on you tube like Diamond and Silk who are advising others to get off the democrat
plantation (those are their words, not mine). I find it inspiring and encouraging, because these African Americans face a backlash from their own community by
stepping out and supporting President Trump.


I totally agree with you. Diamond and Silk are a breath of fresh air and speak the truth. Candace Owens is another that you can listen to and feel the voice of reason is reaching out there,


The linked article does not substantiate the tweet. Are the actual poling results for the tweet available somewhere?


Obviously they are sold by Rasmussen, but the poll results available to the general public on the Rasmussen Reports website do not contain the racial breakdown.

If the data is not correct, I expect we would have heard a rebuttal.


I wouldn’t say Dennis Rodman suddenly broke away from the pack. He’s been a valuable asset in releasing hostages for quite some time. He might have been treated as a persona non grata prior to this Presidency, however. I will give Trump credit for giving him a chance at least.


I am not surprised at all. Where I work there are lots of working and middle class blacks. When many of them talk about their families they are very conservative. Now they are starting to see the bigger picture.


Yes, more and more blacks are vocalizing their support for things non Democrat. As it builds, it’s much harder to silence them all with an ‘uncle tom’ approach.


Over the past 30 years both the Republicans and the democrats have forgotten about the middle class. But over the past 15 years the democrats have abused those americans who live in poverty. Their focus has been 100% identity politics. Looking for new voters they have determined that blacks have no where to turn and will vote for them them. So they have focused on illegals. Telling americans that required a civil war to get them citizenship, dont worry your time will come sorry, that group is starting to see through the deceptions.


Some pundits are delusional:

Wednesday on NBC’s “Today,” moderator for “Meet the Press” Chuck Todd reacted to the close congressional special election result in last night Ohio’s 12th district and concluded the Democratic Party could pick up 40 to 60 House seats in the 2018 midterm elections. Todd said, “Not only was it that razor thin, look at the amount of triage that the Republicans Party did here. The Democrats weren’t really targeting this race. This was a special election that popped up when the sitting member decided to leave early to take a job. The Republican Party spent over $3 million just on




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