Rastafari beliefs and way of life

I am a Rastafari who is here to modestly try and answer and questions ones may have regarding this paradigm. I have seen a similar thread from 2010 which is now closed. Any questions of the common faith and beliefs involved or of the different ways of life, are welcome

Let’s keep it all positive and I look forward to getting to know some of you!

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Do they believe we came into existence at birth or that we as souls were around a long time before our lives here?
Do they believe we only come to earth one time or multiple times?

Does it drive you nuts when white suburban kids think they’re Rasta for smoking weed and listening to bob marley


I admit I have no idea of what Rastafarians actually believe. Could you sum it up ?

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Rastafari tend not to believe in one’s life energy as something linear or individual. You may often hear Rastafari referring to themselves as their own ancestors, as the original man; or even one an other. This kind of talk is referred to as Iyaric. Instead of saying you and me they may say I and I. There is a focus on the knowledge that energy and therefore life is transferable and has no beginning or end.
The way I would contrast this to Catholicism is the idea of the soul. Many Rastafari do not regard the soul as something individual but that we all have the same soul, with no beginning or end, which is the very divine nature of mankind or God in man.

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That is interesting, thank you and welcome!

One aspect of Catholic Christianity that I love, is the special and unrepeatable uniqueness of each and every individual and their soul. I believe that you @G.Afrika are 100% unique! No one has ever existed before or ever will again in the entire universe that is YOU!

You cannot be replaced and your life is important to this world! Whether your life is a day or 100 years, whether you are President or an unborn poor child, you are important and you are loved completely, by the God of the Universe. We are all connected, however what makes you unique and what makes me unique will remain forever. I find that beautiful. Wishing you peace in your day.

What do you believe about Haile Selassie, and why is he significant to Rastafarianism?

Serious question: Do you ever get confused with Pastafarians? I imagine that would get a little annoying after a while.

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