Here in Florida I occasionally run into one of these fabulous characters-would you put their faith in the Christian camp?

I think they were all initially Anglicans


I thought they were originally Ethiopian Copts?

I’m not sure what you’re asking but I tell you what, Damian and Stephen Marley are DEVOTED to God and are actively trying to bring awareness about God to people who listen to rap which is full of sinful activity and boasting of it. I don’t know all about their religion but I respect what he is doing very much because it is MUCH needed. Even if he doesn’t turn anyone Rastafari but reminds the youth that they are Christian and it’s cool to be so.

I also don’t go for the Haile Selassie being God but I see many people interpret the Bible in various incorrect ways to support an agenda which is unfortunate.

As far as marijuana… dunno. In Sirach he describes wine being a gift from God to bring merriment so I’m not sure why marijuana wouldn’t be considered the same if not abused. The problem is too many people abuse it where I believe Rastafari don’t believe in it’s abuse but for spiritual purposes. I’m not saying I’m right, just offering an opinion or a thought.

They worship a dead dictator, pray for the destruction of the Pope, smoke pot behind the facade of a holy sacrament, are well known as being over-represented in the criminal classes. Initially anglicans? Doubtful. Christians? No.

I think they were all initially Anglicans

above was an attempt at humor-picking on my own denomination

No. They are Afro-Caribbean fetishists of Ethiopia, unconnected to the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church except for the few who have actually been baptized into the Church via the EOTC’s various missions in that region. Rastafarianism as a belief system has absolutely nothing to do with the EOTC, and is very much considered antithetical to Orthodox Christianity.

Dead dictator? Emperor Haile Selassie was a king, not a dictator; I’ve heard more good than bad, except regarding the colonialism and Imperialism of Europe which he strongly opposed.
Sure he has blood on his hands, so does Constantine and most other royals, presidents, and prime ministers.

Haile Selassie, from what I’ve read, was an exemplary person. I read that before his death, he converted to- and was baptized into the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

Can anyone confirm that?


What do you mean, Paul? Haile Selassie was born into the Orthodox Church (Ethiopia’s monarchy was an Orthodox Christian lineage; it wouldn’t have been possible for him to be emperor if he wasn’t a member of the EOTC). His name means “Power of the Trinity”…

Maybe you’re thinking of someone else? :shrug:

He’s probably thinking of Bob Marley and confusing the two. Bob was Christened into the EOTC shortly before his death.

You’re right; I confused the two. Thanks for the correction.

There are different “houses” of rastas, a misapplication of (Jn. 14:2). Each have differing beliefs.

Wikipedia is not a bad resource for the beliefs of the different “houses”.

cf. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mansions_of_Rastafari

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