Ratatouille (Pets)

I’m just wondering if anyone else it looking forward to seeing this movie? I can’t wait to see it. I think it will probably be my favorite movie of the summer (maybe of the whole year). I actually have a funny reason for being so exited about it. I am the proud parent of 7 pet rats. I love rats, they are my favorite animal. They make the best pets.
Anyone else on this forum have pet rats?

Here’s a pic of two of my babies (the one on the left passed away a month ago)
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My cousin had a pet fancy rat and it was just about as friendly and intelligent as any pet dog can be. We would take her (the rat) outside and she would follow us around if we walked away from her. She would also sit in the palm of your hand and lick your fingers if you had just eaten somthing salty (this would probably gross most people out but we thought it was really cute).

Poor thing ultimatley died of a tumor, which is common for rats I guess.

No, I am NOT looking forward to this movie! This movie should NEVER have been made! They should have been working on Cars 2 instead :smiley:

Just kidding! I’ll probably enjoy this movie too. But nothing can ever replace Cars!!! In a way, I don’t want Ratatouille to replace Cars as the most recent Pixar movie :o I want all those Lightning McQueen and Mater toys and bath mats and tables and decorations to stay available! I’ll be sad when they start making Ratatouille shower curtain hooks instead :crying: (You understand that my son will not go to bed without his toy Lightning McQueen… when that thing breaks, we’re in trouble!)

Cars Forever!

Ahhhh I used to have 2 rats, the one on the left looks like, Kandy she was the sweetest little thing. I think I should of gotten another rat after them, but got guinea pigs instead(i miss the hyperness of my rats). My friend used to have 2 hairless rats, she got one and it gave birth to 11(the mom seemed happy when we took the babies out to play they were nuts) and she had to give them all up except 2 babies(she couldn’t handle the mother, who became agressive after giving birth). After she gave them up I found the babies and mom on petfinder in the rescue I got my guinea pigs from :).

My family’s on our third pet rat now. This latest one is extremely hyperactive; she just constantly darts around the house and doesn’t seem to harbor an interest for sitting still to be petted and cuddled by everyone around her. :smiley: Her name is Ratilda (inspired by Roald Dahl’s Matilda, and I gotta say, given this little rat’s penchant for trouble making, it’s quite a fitting one!), and whenever she’s not exploring the confines of the living room, she’s begging to be let out of her cage :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting to see how this thread is now becoming a “tell us about your pet rat” instead of a psuedo-hype thread for the latest Disney movie - which, I should mention, also looks pretty good in it’s own right! :smiley:

I don’t mind the thread being hyjacked into a tell us about your rat. I love seeing that others on this site have pet rats. I don’t actually know many people that do have pet rats.
I saw the sneak preview of Ratatouille at the theater last night, and it’s was very good. I can’t wait to see it again.

Check out the message boards at www.artsandfaith.com - a lot of Christian film critics post there, including Steven D. Greydanus of DecentFilms.com (and sometimes contributor to Jimmy Akin’s blog). SDG has apparently seen Ratatouille and loved it.

It’s hard to look forward to a story about a rat in a kitchen. My husband and I have been battling a mouse infestation in our Boston apartment for almost two years now, one at a time. There are great big rats who in the basement, also home of the washer and drier.

Pet rats are one thing, and though I would never choose to have one, I can totally understand why others might. But the rat in the movie appears to be the basement/sewer-type rat, and I don’t really want one of those near my food.

Maybe this is a sign that they’re suppose to do your cooking? :smiley:

There are great big rats who in the basement, also home of the washer and drier.

And some to do your laundry too!?!? You’re set!


I have heard on the various online showbiz sites that the cartoon movie, Fly Me To The Moon is supposed to be the BEST animated feature ever. Not sure if that’s PR hype, but worth checking out?!


It sounds adorable. Three houseflies stow away on Apollo 13. Buzz Aldrin is in it as himself.

I usually hate those Pixar animation movies. But I will go see this one because my favorite actor, Robert Patrick (Terminator 2, X Files, Bridge to Terabithia, The Unit ,etc.) plays Louie the fly, and the rumor is that he actually gets to SING in the movie. (From what we’ve heard of him in other movies, they would be better off to use the voice of a REAL housefly! Oh, well, maybe he’s been taking voice lessons!)

I think it’s cool that an actor who usually plays villains and psychopaths and alien creatures is going to play a fly. In an interview that he did after Bridge to Terabithia, he said that he wanted to do a movie that his kids could actually watch him in. He said “I want them to be proud of their old man!” So maybe Fly Me To The Moon is another movie he’s doing for his children. Good for him.

Watch for it. If you like rats, surely you’ll like flies! What’s next, roaches? :smiley:

Flies and roaches are a lot different than Rats. Just a warning, you might want to watch who you say something like that to because most would be insulted by it.
Rats are clean and smart. I wouldn’t but roches in that category or flies for that matter.

I’m so sorry, child_of_God85. I had no intention of insulting any of God’s creatures. Just trying to be humorous.

I have lived in Boston now for almost 10 years, even though 4 were in a dorm. I have yet to have mice or rats. Cockroaches, ants, and other creepy crawlies I have had, but never mice. But I have a terrier and now two cats that live with me, so that could be why. Dude the sewer rats in the Fens are ENORMOUS, like house cat big.

But I cant wait to see this, I have yet to see a Pixar movie that I haven’t completely enjoyed. They don’t play to the lowest common element and pretend that kids are stupid and vacuous and there is plenty of humor in it for adults that the kids won’t get, but also won’t notice.

We have a little grey-and-white rat named Noodle, who probably didn’t inspire the creators of the Pixar film–her idea of “haute cuisine” is corn kernels and Cheez Whiz. (She’s practically a gourmand compared with my father-in-law, but that’s another issue.)

Can’t wait for le cine!

Sounds like my rats. their choice treat is french fries. So I guess you can tell their American rats:shrug:

Haha. That’s great. Maybe I’ll make my own movie? It will remind me of Disney’s Cinderella though.

Oh, you are so lucky to not have mice! My husband and I would totally get a cat, but my husband is horribly allergic. The dander activates his asthma, which one really does not want to mess around with. If I hadn’t married my husband, I would already have a cat (mice or no).

And yes, some of the rats in the Fens are ENORMOUS. How do they get that big?

There was another thread on this a week or so back. More on Pixar and less on pets… did it get lost?

Pixar has been great so far. My kids love everything they’ve done. I try to forget that they’re associated with Disney.

This thread, though originated about the movie, quickly shifted into one about rats (pets and otherwise).

There is another thread which discusses the movie.

I felt it best to keep the two separate rather than merge them.

Enjoy :thumbsup:

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