Ratatouille (Pixar)

Anyone going to see this film?


I’m planning on seeing it. I enjoy the Disney/Pixar movies. I really liked Cars and enjoyed The Incredibles.

When I first clicked on this thread, I was thinking it would be a recipe request. I had to look up what the movie was about. I’m almost totally burnt out on animated movies, but this one does look possibly different than the standard variety. It might be nice alternative to a Shrek sequel.

I agree - shrek isn’t the highest quality.


Can’t WAIT to see this movie! We love the Disney/Pixar films! :slight_smile:

I totally agree- Pixar has been uniformly great and truly family friendly! Most of the animated stuff out there really doesn’t know how to be funny and uplifting without being not-so-subtly stuffed with innuendo and preachiness.

My in-laws bought “Happy Feet”; I couldn’t believe anyone would consider that a kids’ film with the songs they chose to use!! (and lets not get started on the environmentalist propaganda at the end)

You could even say Pixar has been rather notably pro-life in their films.
Nemo: even when he hasn’t hatched yet, Nemo is addressed by his father as a precious son (he’s the only egg that survives an attack by a predator that kills his mother and several hundred siblings).
Incredibles: the villian gets reprimanded sharply by a co-conspirator that, “Valuing life is not weakness, and disrespecting it is not strength.” Some people complained about the derrogatory “you got married… and got busy?!” line from the villian, but, again, the anti-kid mentality is very much put in the villain’s court.

Both Toy Story movies were great (hint of a problem in that Andy’s family seems to be single parent and Sid (the evil kid next door) has an “intact”, though highly dysfunctional, family, but nothing overt, really). Cars has become a family favorite, too. Just good, old-fashioned story telling about the value of friendship aand family and the dangers of glitz and glamour.


This is the Ratatouille thread which discusses the film.
The other one quickly evolved into one about rats in general (pets and otherwise).

okay - I’ll give it another bump, because right now there are 2 threads.


I saw the movie on saterday. I loved it. I love all of the Pixar/Disney movies I’ve seen, but this is by far their best. It’s probably the best animated film I’ve ever seen. It’s very uplifting and original.
I like how it’s a movie kids and adults will like.

I just saw the previews for it - the movie looks really cute!

I thought ti wasn’t out yet.


It isn’t out yet. I was just lucky enough to see a sneak preview at the theaters:thumbsup:

My husband took our daughter and two of her friends to see “Happy Feet”. After the film, they collected me at home to go to dinner. When I asked my husband about the film, he went on about the heavy-handed environmental preaching. “Oh”, said I, “Then you’ll be having fish for dinner?” “No”, he said evenly, “I’m thinking of ordering penguin.”

I’m interested in seeing the film – as are several of my children.

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